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Don't Kick The Cat! 4 Simple Ways To Refresh And Restore

Leonard Buchholz

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It's been a long week. The boss yelled at you, no one seemed to be listening to anything you said, you received a survey from a customer that said “If there was only one place left on earth to have service done and it was here and I had to talk to you, I would rather have it be broken" and at the end of the week you go home.

You are tired, used up and brainburned. All you want to do is drop dead on the couch with a bucket of wings and a can of cheeze wiz and numb your brainhousinggroup with cheesy chicken grease while watching reruns of “The Gong Show. " (Google it)

You open the door to your humble adobe and there, right there in the doorway, the cat has left you a present.

A hairball surrounded by a lake of vomit. Yuck! A perfect ending to the week!

And all of the frustration and anger comes boiling out and you figure the best way is to have soccer practice with your cat.

Stop, and take a breath Customer Service Professional. Don't kick the cat!

Turn it around with 4 steps to Refresh and Restore. (Or at least be willing to put your socks and shoes on Monday morning so you can go back to the asylum)

1. Stop, Drop and Rock and Roll! Stop looking at your everyday tasks as “things I have to do" and look at them as steps to a successful day! Think of each step as progress to something. When you do, you will step livelier and become eager to complete items so that you have a sense of accomplishment. And each item takes on a sense of importance, so that completing them has meaning. It results in a sense of pride in what you do.

Drop the Woe and add the Go! Go after each day and say “No matter what, I will have a great day, Today!" If you can have a great day, Today! you can have a great day the next day, and the next. Only concentrate on the day you are in, let tomorrow take care of itself and yesterday remain in the past. Take care of Today!

Bring Rock and Roll to your day/organization by doing something different. Everybody has casual Fridays, why not have Hawaiian Shirt Friday or Two Cookie Tuesday or BBQ Mondays or whatever you have to do in order to inject some Rock and Roll into your work environment. The important thing is not to become motionless which leads to stagnation. (think pond scum)

Refer to Newton's Law “a person/organization in motion tends to stay in motion. " Get some motion going by introducing something unusual. Don't be afraid if it seems too wacky (it might be) and remember that people remember those things that seem wackiest and love to talk about them later. I have yet to be in an organization where the personnel said “We can't wait to get back our boring workstation and provide excellent Customer service. "

2. Have a Celebration! Of anything! It doesn't matter. Pick one thing that you and the organization have done this year and celebrate it.

It could be you have reached a goal, reduced a cost, saved a customer, repaired a relationship, added a new vendor or replaced the copy machine, it doesn't matter, Celebrate it! Have a party, luncheon, pot luck or a cake and ice cream party crazy hat day!

Just have a Celebration. We so often don't take the time to realize that everyday we do small things that add up to big things that bring Success to our organization and our lives. Celebrate the small and the big things so that Success becomes natural and comes more often.

3. Take up a Cause and ask for participation. The cause can be anything that you can rally your inmates (I'm kidding) around and be involved in.

There are many worthwhile causes that could benefit from your company's involvement and would be better from you and your inmates (see above) participation. If you like, pick one cause per quarter to add some variety. Or choose one a year.

It's important that you see each other in a different light, not just suits and shoes, and get to know each other from a new perspective. Working together for a worthwhile cause will bring you all closer.

4. Reward Yourself by doing “ing" things! Take yourself shopping, golfing, swimming, bird watching, sushi eating or any other “ing" that makes you happy. We get caught up in day to day, door open and door closed mentality and then we become inmates. (I'm not kidding)

It's at those times when we have completed our daily tasks and really worked through a boss yelling poor survey kind of week that we need to remind ourselves we have made it this far and will continue to make it a step farther. So, remember that you, yes YOU are a winner. You made it through the selection process and fertilized an egg to get here, so make the most of it! After completing a week in our make it happen or die world, you need to take care of the old watashi. YOU!

4 Steps to a better you. Stop, Drop and Rock and Roll, Have a Celebration, Take up a Cause and Reward yourself. You will thank me for it and your Customers will Thank You. Just don't kick the cat.

Want some free stuff? Send an email to with “send me free questions" in the subject line and I'll send you the Top 50 Questions for Leaders in 2009.

What? You never had a hairball kind of week? Of course you have! We all have! Want to learn more about how to handle those and other hair raising challenges ? Call Leonard at 760-529-5635 or email him at - It's what he does!

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