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Providing Excellent Customer Service


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It can be said that everyone has had a great customer service experience at some point in their life. Whether it was when you went out for pizza or took your family out to one of the local restaurants, you have come across someone that has wowed you with their customer service.

When you think about what customer service means to you, what do you think about? Do you see someone being professional with you and catering to your every need? Do you envision a person or company that is there for you when your product is no longer performing at the standard that you expected it to? Customer service can come in many different shapes and forms. It means different things to different people.

There are companies that have an entire department devoted to helping others. When you research the company online and need to talk to someone about some issues they have been having, you look for the customer service line. The people on the other end of the phone, email or letter are trained in order to assist you in every matter pertaining to the issue at hand.

Companies can succeed or fail based on their level of serving their clients. The moment or moments the company loses touch with their service to the public the harder it is for that company to succeed.

How does one provide excellent service?

  • Having a professional demeanor no matter how the customer reacts
  • Being able to find a solution for them when it seems like there is not a solution
  • Knowing how to caterer yourself to match their lifestyle
  • Understand what is important to the person in which you are speaking to
  • Knowing when to speak and when to listen
  • Practice makes perfect

    Some people believe that most of it is a skill that is possessed from their birth. There are many people that have a good knack for getting to know those people that are around them and finding out what makes them tick. The better a person is with taking care of the clients they have the better it is for the business. Just think how great it would be for businesses if everyone that was employed by them would be good at taking care of their customers.

    Going into a retail environment is different than going into a restaurant. What do you expect out of a retail environment when you go in?

  • A friendly hello as you enter
  • Someone to ask to help you within a decent amount of time
  • That person that greats you, to be able to help you find what you need
  • Making the sales process easy to go through understand and know what to do next
  • Someone telling you thank you for coming in.

    When going into a restaurant, you might expect something a little different.

  • To be seated in less than five minutes of entering
  • Not be seated by the kitchen
  • When you are seated, your server comes soon to take your order
  • After the order is placed, the food and drinks come quickly
  • During your feasting, your glass of beverage, never is empty
  • You look for your server to present your check at the right time. To early denote they want you to hurry up. Too late, shows that the server is not paying attention.
  • When leaving the restaurant, being thanked for coming in

    Customer service can come in many different ways. Everyone has encountered great service and some have encountered horrible service. Hopefully we all encounter more great days of service than not.

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