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In today's marketplace the need for outsourcing is becoming more and more apparent. As stresses increase, bank accounts decrease as these gas tanks are becoming expensive to fill.

But it's not just the price of gas anymore; often it's facing bad weather and congested roads and highways with other commuter's that becomes frustrating. Office workers are depleted of precious energy by this daily time and money-consuming routine in order to get to a job on time, which results in an increasing amount of frustration before the day has started - this is then repeated at the end of the day when they are tired and even more stressed out, getting home late just so they can eat, sleep and begin the cycle all over again.

One way around this is for an employer to hire a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants are a new form of office worker - but without the office, or at least the corporate office. Instead they will do the same work from home. This is not a new idea since for some of the labor market it has already begun. The benefits to an employer are many fold as I'll explain.

By hiring a Virtual Assistant or VA it not only eliminates the employee showing up at the office already exhausted and not functioning at the 100% an employer requires, it also eliminates many costly benefits incurred by an employer including vacations, sick days, expensive dental and medical benefits as well as when there is a slow-period or downtime which is expensive since employers are reluctant to lay people off.

Since a VA supplies her own office equipment, which is another enormous saving to the employer, they also provide the necessary skills and expertise and become a relief to a business persons headaches. This is a very workable solution since they are paid only for the work they do. With good communication a VA can get the job done as well from home, without distractions of multiple telephones ringing and other employees stopping by for a chat.

For a VA, training is minimal and work hours can be more flexible. An employer often profits from the experience and professionalism of a VA who has already put a business together which lends a greater appreciation and commitment to the work the client is asking. As the song goes ‘The times, they are a changing. ’ Look for us - Virtual Assistants are fast becoming one of the Best Small Business Opportunities over the internet.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Johan MacLeod and I own and operate Virtually Connected Office Assistance (VCOA) from a suburb in Montreal, Canada. Here I provides extensive experience with over 25 years of knowledge and discipline in the Executive Management, Administrative, Secretarial, Clerical and Support Staff fields. I offer a wide range of valuable administrative assistance in today’s working world and in doing so will become a viable and indispensable commodity. Speaking for us collectively, Virtual Assistant's are talented, hardworking, creative and accessible professionals who work with the business owner in order to provide the best quality of work and service available in the industry today…the business world would be prudent to hire us. "

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