Increase Sales and Improve Customer Service: Tips for Organizational Stress Management

L. John Mason

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Your best and your brightest can be even better if your organization can support them. The best practices of organzational stress management have been listed for you to choose from. Find the ones that will work best for your organization.

You may also find that by using these tools you will improve your retention of your key people and may be more attractive to the best talent in your search and hiring program.

The top 19 tips:

  • 1. Focus groups…discuss

  • 2. Survey employees regarding issues and possible solutions

  • 3. Divide issues into ones where there is control and ones where is NO control

    a. Acceptance of no control

    b. Possible solutions or enhanced practices (Tackle the difficult situations and with action and solid follow-through…with accountability)

  • 4. Invite input and participation from every sector and all personnel

  • 5. Educate or at least update all personnel regularly and have supervisors explain the roles and expectations that will accompany any changes/transitions (help create “buy-in” for each of your “key” personnel. )

  • 6. Get support networks developed and working

  • 7. Create recognition for positive organization stress management suggestions (reward positive participation, celebrate the best suggestions…follow through)

  • 8. Get leadership to role model stress management- positive re-enforcement for individuals or groups that demonstrate improvement.

  • 9. Educate all personnel on how and when to use EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs)

  • 10. Reduce stigma of admitting effects of stress by training/educating personnel on why we are more stressed now than ever before in history (reduces sense of weakness)

  • 11. Gather statistics on retention (costs) and sick time (or even stress related workers compensation claims) so you can determine if the stress management program is working (to improve negative stats. )

  • 12. Teach managers to really listen!

  • 13. Reduce availability of stressors: noise, crowding, caffeine, noxious odors (or people. )

  • 14. Create time and space for stress management practices (for individuals or possibly groups/teams)

  • 15. Create organizational play/fun

  • 16. Teach meeting management, for less wasted time… and less stressful meetings

  • 17. Get people physically active as a stress management tool (Exercise and empowerment)

  • 18. Allow for balance of work/family…. (Family leave time, honored)

  • 19. Celebrate diversity/differences of style-behavior, values, attitudes (know that variations create balance and solid organizations. ) Enhanced communication workshops…

    L. John Mason, Ph. D. is the author of the best selling “Guide to Stress Reduction. " Since 1977, he has offered Executive Coaching and Organizational Training.

    Please visit the Stress Education Center's website at for articles, free ezine signup, and learn about the new telecourses that are available.

    Trainings or Coaching is available for your organization in: Stress Management, Communication, Manager Development, Team Building, Effective Meeting Management, Productivity, Quality of Life, Leadership, Increasing Sales and Service, and Diversity.

    Contact us at (707) 795-2228 for more information and a targeted proposal.

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