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Improve Business Success By Implementing Steps of Great Customer Service

Renee Cloud

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Great customer service= great business success. Many of us have come across business establishments where we have received good customer service and sometimes when that service is great it really shines above the rest because we seldom get that.

Many businesses need to improve on their customer service efforts. They believe that their customer service is EXECELLENT. If you think that you have EXECELLENT service it could be a false belief if you don't survey your customers. This false belief and arrogant thought process can be bad for business & kill any business. Many business owners fail to check out how well their service is, they fail to survey customers & correct problems. Every time that you encounter a customer it's an opportunity to provide great service by being courteous, polite, and attentive to what they have to say.

Providing excellent customer service needs to be a key, fundamental practice. It is a way of life in business & it can increase your business success. Sometimes the people that you come across outside of your job or business, just may become your customers one day or they will pass on a word or two to other people about you or your company. So it is very important as to how you treat people. Most of the time they will remember you or your business. Daily actions must reflect spoken words.

When you are trying to get more business there are times when you must do more advertising & marketing. Then at the same time that you implement more marketing/ adveritising you should treat your current customers with excellence, there is a higher chance that they will spend more money with you than a brand new customer and the current clients will provide word of mouth advertising for you, which is great for business.

Many business owners believe that they have the greatest customer service but if they were to survey their customers they will have a greater insight into what they are thinking or how they feel about your service. It can be a great revelation at the difference between what the business owner thinks about his/ her own service and what the customers actually think.

Customer service training & implementation is a key to your customer satisfaction, customer retention, obtaining new clients and your company's success. In your quest to obtain more clients for your business don't forget about implementing steps of great customer service. It seems as though most companies or entrepreneurs only think of it as an after thought. No matter what tricks the competition resorts to, great products and service is undeniable and your clients will see that. Even if your competitors are able to offer lower prices, clients are often willing to pay more for great service that is second to none.

Most companies & business people tend to think that they don't have to worry much about building & maintaining great customer service. Sometimes they're just in a hurry to make a sale.

Sometimes you need more than a reminder, it's helpful to have a system or steps in place when implementing great customer service.

Implement These Steps To Improve Your Customer Serivce Efforts:


It is very important to establish rapport & build a relationship with your customers. When you are able to connect with your customer/ clients it shows that you're building trust. Start by engaging your customers; with name exchange (get each others name), become interested in them & what they want, LISTEN to them, ask questions, respond appropriately, don't talk over them, just have a conversation, be genuine.

Most of the time, people know when you are truly interested in them or not. If you are interested in them, they will more than likely respond positively to you and develop trust with you. If you aren't interested in them, it'll show, they'll sense it then you'll have a harder time getting them to trust you.


By having a genuine conversation with your customer, you'll discover what they want. Most times they don't know what they want, they just know that they need your services or some sort of business services. If they know what they want then they may have trouble expressing it or unsure how to get it.

By asking pertinent questions & paying attention to the answers, you will discover a lot about your customer. You can help guide them to what they want. That's your role & how you keep clients coming back.


Sometimes customers come to you & want what you can't do. Other times you may choose not to do certain things. Every business has a niche to fill. Do what your company is best at doing for the customers that you can serve best. By knowing what you do best, you can choose the customers who fit what you do well.


Many companies fail in this step, “DO IT", because they don't manage the process of planning, doing measuring and monitoring well. You need to be able to measure what's important in order to execute the steps of planning, doing, measuring, & monitoring well. What gets measured gets done. Convert your customers wants into steps that you can measure. Then setup a system to measure the outcomes and the actions that produce them.


The follow-up step pays big in customer loyalty. In your execution phase, be sure to plan a follow-up contact. Follow-up by phone, email, visit, letter etc. . . The more direct & personal the better but make it work for your customer & your company. Customers like this because very few companies do this on a consistent basis.


This step can be taken lightly sometimes or become forgotten. When you thank your customers, be genuine about it. Most of the time they can sense when you are not grateful for their business. Thank them in several ways, not just one way, make them know that you are thankful for their business.

Retaining customers is top priority & important to a successful business. If you implement these steps with every customer you'll find that your level of customer service will increase. Coach your employees or co-workers in these steps of great customer service then you'll see your customer loyalty & customer retention increase.

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