5 Postage and Packaging Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction


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One can increase one customer’s satisfaction after an order has been placed, even though the customer is yet to receive their order thru the post.

Creation and satisfaction of customers

It happens with everyone. You go to ebay, you choose a product and then you pay through your credit card or thru Paypal account. You give your shipping address and then wait…

You are not very sure if the product is going to arrive or not. One is not sure if the product is the same that you have ordered for. Is the seller honest? Will they deliver what they have promised?

It’s a very tiresome process. Then you plan, how will you get your funds back if the product that is delivered is not what has been delivered. Almost all customers who have ordered online have encountered these anxieties.

One is not alone is having these worries. Sometimes the sellers don’t deliver at all or don’t deliver as per the stated terms and conditions. As an online seller and a marketer, you can end such negative thoughts of the customers and delight them to their satisfaction even before the product arrives.

Packing and shipping tips to delight the customer

1. Pack the product in a professional manner
As a seller, you must also ensure that the package is packed well. Customers like to receive a professionally packed product. It’s the first impression that counts. Definitely customers are impressed when they see good packing. It instills confidence in the seller. The customers feel good about their product even before they open it.

If the packing is not good or is sloppy, it turns off the customer. The customer has doubts about the ability of the seller to perform and deliver, even before they open the package.

Often the packing costs nothing extra. If you order, the products from the main supplier, they will bubble wrap the product for you. Therefore you get clean professionally packed orders.

Never use second hand packaging material. Many a times sellers will try to pass off second hand packing material to their customers. It creates a negative impression of the seller. In fact those sellers who have tried to do so on ebay have got negative or a neutral feedback.

2. Computer generated shipping label –
Having a computer printout of the shipping label can mean that you mean business. It gives a good impression to the customer. It shows that you are a professional who will deliver what they have promised to do. When hand written, the shipping labels are just not as effective. Especially if your handwriting is illegible, and it can mean that your delivery of the product becomes slow or in some cases may not happen at all.

To sum it up, these are the reasons

- Computer generated shipping labels look good and give a clean image
- They make you look like a professional seller
- You receive positive feedback
- It helps in the timely delivery of the package

3. Deliver the product ASAP
This is to say that you should send the product almost as soon as you receive the payment and the confirmed order

All customers pay for the packing and shipping. Therefore they should be entitled to receiving their package.

If it takes too long to receive the package, then they become worried and may not trust the quality of the product. It also effects the goodwill among the buyers.

Therefore fast deliveries ensure - Goodwill
- Future orders and repeat orders from customers since word of mouth publicity is very important
- It also saves the seller potential financial loss and can mean that the merchandise is out of the warehouse faster.

4. An instruction booklet, the receipt for the payment and a personal note should be included
Since the buyer has ordered for the product, they should receive an instruction booklet on how to assemble, operate, and disassemble the product.

The warranty or the guarantee booklet signed by the seller The order copy as well as the receipt of the payment that the customer has made. This is for their convenience. One should also include an email id where they can confirm the receipt of their product.

A thank you letter. This letter creates goodwill between the buyer and the seller. It shows the customer that the seller is not just a fly by night operator and is a genuine dealer / person.

By receiving these things, the buyer feels confident and reassured and knows that they can do business with the seller in the future. In fact on ebay, it can go a long way in creating good feedback

The Thank you notes can look like this

SmarketHere’s Your Package!

Dear Friend, I’d like to personally thank you for taking the decision to purchase The BLANK. The BLANK you now own contains information which can, without any question, be responsible for BLANK. Please look out in you inbox for Craig Dawber of Smarket Limited. Best of luck.

Craig Dawber Smarket Ltd.

A Thank You Note I Use

Of course there are many variations and you can choose the best that suits you and your business

5. Exceed customer expectations
These are some of the ways in which you can exceed the customer expectation

- Give good quality products, which will last not just the warranty period but even after the warranty period.
- Include an unexpected free gift. Nothing too expensive. This make the customer feel happy and they remember you since there are many others who don’t do this
- Good quality packaging is a must, which can’t be overemphasized
- There should be two primary goals, which you should achieve. The first been to remove all the things which create negative impressions such as bad packaging, bad quality etc. the second aspect is to reinforce the good things. These are primarily fast deliveries, computer generated shipping labels etc.

Therefore creating a good image is as simple as ticking on the checklist that we have just suggested.

Stand apart from the rest

The points that we have discussed look good on paper and are excellent when executed

But it’s surprising how many sellers don’t follow these simple tips that we have just talked about. That’s why there are many sellers who get negative ratings and then there are sellers who get positive ratings. It’s a matter of attitude and how much effort you make to do a good sale. By following these tips, you can very easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. Therefore go that extra mile in delivering the goods too your customer and deliver it well.

This article was written by Craig Dawber of smarket-associates.com Need advice and guidance with your online business check out the resources found in this website.


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