Tips on Dealing with an Upset Customer


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From time-to-time you will come face-to-face with a customer that isn't happy with your service.

At this point, resolution and customer happiness should become your approach to diffuse the situation. Here are a few tips when dealing with an “upset" customer.

1. It's not personal.

Though it may seem that the customer is attacking you, remember – β€˜it's not personal. ’ The situation is what is at issue. If you take the customers complaint personally, matters are sure to get worse before they get better.

2. It's your responsibility.

We are all team players and share in the triumphs and failures of customer service. Do not assign blame or pass the customer off to another team member.

3. Listen and design.

Listen closely to the customers’ complaint and repeat the complaint back to the customer. This process will allow you to design a solution to the customers’ complaint.

4. Apologize and Acknowledge.

Apologize for the customers’ inconvenience. Acknowledge and show genuine concern for the customers’ situation.

5. Do not get into a yelling match.

For starters, you'll lose and your company will lose. When the customers’ temper gets the best of him/her, keep your demeanor calm and purposeful.

6. Offer Options.

The easiest way to appease a customer is to offer options to the customer. When possible allow the customer to pick the solution that they fell is appropriate

7. It's all about timing.

Time is a very valuable resource to you and your customer. When the solution is agreed upon set a timetable for delivery. If you must leave the customers presence, inform the customer when you will return.

8. Finally, Follow up.

Verify with the customer that the situation was resolved. Apologize for the inconvenience, and offer your service or services in the future.

Article by Charles Carter

Charles Carter is an administrator for the Nortel Portal and Vice President of He has 20 years experience in the telecommunications field, is a software owner/programmer, author of the fictional book “Chaos Theorem" and is currently the President of CS2Communications ( ) - A Southern Mississippi Telecommunications LLC specializing in Nortel Meridian Programming, Nortel BCM Programming, Structured Cable Installations, Nortel Symposium Programming and Smart eM Technology.


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The Anatomy Of An Upset
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