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Kenneth Little

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Customer service needs to have the goal of helping you profit from keeping customers. Keeping customers needs to be a priority because gaining new ones is more expensive. You can decrease new customer marketing costs and increase profits by following these proven tips.

Frontline Staff Empowerment

You begin to profit from keeping customers the moment you give your sales team members the authority to make decisions on the shop floor. Customers will not wait when staff respond to client questions on policy with “I'll need to check that with my supervisor". Give your staff the power to make the decision and you'll have customers happy to come back.

Promote An Open Customer Service Policy

Storewide promotion, with large banners, of an open customer service policy serves as a timely reminder to staff of what they can offer the help customers. It also serves to help customers cross the line of decision when deciding whether its safe to spend their cash at your store.

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

A tip from expert retailers calls for you to reward customer loyalty so that you get to keep them coming back for a lifetime. The secret is to reward their loyalty in a way they most appreciate. Imagine their delight when you key in their contact details and announce that you can reduce the price a further 10%. Just because the computer system has shown they're regular customers. This reward at the register has a strong pull that's sure to make them think of your store when their in the market to buy.

Following this customer service strategy enables your business to move up through the next profit record as you lose few existing customers. Those who are loyal share your high level of customer service with friends and family. The secret to customer service success here is to follow the proven tips of, Frontline Staff Empowerment, working to Promote An Open Customer Service Policy and, Rewarding Customer Loyalty.

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