How to Calm Cranky Customers Without Blowing Your Stack

Kim Haas

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There isn't a day that goes by that I don't hear another small business owners complaining about some of the customers they have to do business with. Some of them REALLY are legitimate complaints, but after listening to 100's of different complaints, I have found the root of most of them is a lack of understanding. Therefore, I hope this article gets you on the road of addressing complaints and customer problems in your home business.

The first step is to get past the irritation. It's only human nature to get a little upset when a customer writes to complain about something totally stupid. Complaints like: It's been two whole weeks and I haven't seen my ad on your website yet. Or, how about those really stupid emails, like: Send me more info. (No name provided. Info on what?) Then, the guy writes you the next week and calls you a crook because you didn't answer his email right away. It's obvious that there is a breakdown of communication.

But let's look at the last complaint explained above and analyze it for better understanding. For some reason, the guy was so excited about your company that he forgot to mention what information he wanted. He knew his name but never thought about the fact that you probably didn't know it. Instead he was excited and wanted to get his request emailed right away so he could find out more. So his complaint to you would actually be a compliment.

It's easy to simply write a quick email that says: Thank you for requesting more information about our company. We apologize that your first request was not filled, however, you neglected to tell us what information you were interested in. It helps us getting your request processed faster.

Now let's try and understand the education you provided to this customer. I know, it's human nature to want to strike back because this idiot hurt your feelings. But the only way you are going to advance in business and present the professional image you should be hoping to achieve, is to educate and help this person. They, in turn will probably never make this mistake again and will probably relate the information to others they come into contact with. However, if you are hateful or never fill the request you will have gained nothing except the self-satisfaction of revenge.

Training and educating people is not really very hard at all. Jesus gave us an example of how to teach in order to obtain POSITIVE results by using parables. Parables are examples of everyday situations so the person can relate and understand what you are trying to tell him or her. Just saying the words may not help. Some words go over a person's head or they don't comprehend what you're saying because their mind is on something else.

Good customer service and marketing go hand in hand. They both depend on each other and work together for your business survival. There should never be a moment when you shout back at a customer. Hanging up the phone is a much better approach and achieves the revenge you may seek in a more POSITIVE manner.

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