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Kenneth Little

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Happy customers are the lifeblood of every successful business. The secret to getting and keeping such customers is to have an H. C. A. P involving both customers and retail sales team members. This Plan can work for you. It's well worth a three month trial in your business.

Have Staff Treat Customers as Though They Have A High R. L. V. (Retail Lifetime Value)

Your H. C. A. P. is a Happy Customer Acquisition Plan and it's put in place when you train that each customer is worth more to the business than the value of the next purchase. At the next transaction your customer should be treated as having a Retail Lifetime Value of the total of their purchases with you over a lifetime. In many cases this will exceed $10,000.

A knowledge of this figure will improve the customer service attitude of staff. The customers will sense the change of being more highly valued.

Encourage Staff Customer Service Suggestions

Front counter staff are those best placed to provide the most useful feedback when it comes to improving customer service and quarterly retail sales figures. The key then is to provide plenty of opportunities for staff to give their supervisors suggestions. It's important for staff to see some of their suggestions being used. Otherwise the feedback flow will stop.

Commit to Overdelivering to Your Customers

Happy customers are those who know you'll go the extra mile for them. They need regular experiences in which they are reminded, because of your commitment to overdelivering, that yours is the only store to shop at. Overdelivering may take the form of going to great lengths to order in a product that is difficult to source. Overdelivery takes many forms, all are designed to keep customers happy and coming back to your store.

Your Happy Customer Acquisition Plan will begin working for you within three months of you Having Staff Treat Customers as Though They Have A High R. L. V. , and when you Encourage Staff Customer Service Suggestions, plus you Commit to Overdelivering to Your Customers .

Your Plan will produce a healthy increase in your next set of sales figures.

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