The Importance Of Happy Employees


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Have you ever walked into a business establishment and been immediately struck by a negative, tense atmosphere? Sure you have! And did you do what most of us do? Stand there in the hopes of getting someone's attention - shifting from foot to foot and clearing your throat only to be met with a stony silence and averted faces! Finally you speak up in the hopes that one of the employees in your line of vision will respond. Ah! Here comes one now! Plastered on his/her face is a long-suffering look of “if I must then I will help you"! This is NOT a “happy" employee.

How an employer appreciates and treats his employees is reflected in their attitudes. Savvy employers know that contented employees are an integral part of a successful business. Happy employees make loyal employees. And loyal employees are an essential basis of excellent customer service.

A knowledgable employer respects and encourages the uniqueness of each individual in their employment. He/She relishes the diversity that each person's special talents bring to the business. This type of employer encourages a continual learning process for their employees and provides a friendly environment for them to thrive. Contented employees are productive, dependable and trustworthy.

Happy employees excitedly welcome new and challenging responsibilites.

A business comprised of contented employees flourishes. Each employee recognizes that he/she contributes to its success and feels that he/she is a part of the team. And, of course, when a business is lucrative the employer with real know-how rewards her/his employees accordingly.

So, how does your business rate? Is there a welcoming, friendly atmosphere? Would a newcomer hear laughter and see smiling, cheerful faces? Would a prospective customer know immediately that they were important and be made to feel so?

Happy, loyal employees will be 100% dedicated to your customers and what more could an employer want!

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