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10 Tips for security in Cloud


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Cloud Security is one of the major concerns of today’s businesses with data loss being more usual than ever. Data loss can occur in several ways and to avoid this, one can pick any of the easy tips and secure their valuable cloud infra.

Today, every company wants to secure their IT infrastructure. So, they have started shifting their infra to the cloud platform. Nowadays, cloud computing services have become a new and fascinating way to store your valuable data and files. This has attracted many companies to adopt cloud for gaining flexibility and agility in working.

Now your stress has been given off to the digital platform. What else can we ask for more? Cloud computing services make sure that the entire system is free from malware or menacing external attacks.

Though the infra performs everything on your behalf, one needs to be a bit careful. That is why it is said one needs to ensure a certain level of security while moving to the cloud. There are ten steps which if followed properly would surely ensure high graded security to the data:

  1. Different Passwords: A company must ensure to set unique passwords for different cloud-native applications. This is because keeping similar passwords will affect entire data security within cloud infra. Keeping the same passwords can endanger your online database.

    We do believe that it is a challenging task to remember unique passwords for all these cloud-native apps. But thanks to the leading cloud service providers who have exclusively designed certain software to remember passwords.

  2. No sharing passwords: As we have noticed in the previous point that a company must keep different passwords for all its cloud apps. Keeping this in view, a company must also ensure to safeguard all its valued passwords. If your passwords have been shared unknowingly, then changing them frequently can safeguard from massive data loss.
  3. Server Inventory: IT department of a company must ensure to keep an updated network and server device list. The device list consists of vital info such as IP address, location, purpose, service ID and lots more. One can make use of the SharePoint app to store all these details.
  4. Choosing a Cloud Service Provider: While selecting an ideal cloud service provider, one must ensure to check out whether a service provider offers a convenient recovery data plan. As we see, some of the best cloud computing services provider like Amazon, Google Cloud and Microsoft are providing different recovery plans to their global users.

    Leading companies like Google Cloud, Amazon, Microsoft and others ensure that data of the users are safe. If there is data loss or destruction, there are numerous data recovery plans that will help a user to easily recover the loss. Moreover, cloud platforms such as Amazon has a special feature to save the same data in multiple places within the infra. This feature further reduces loss.

  5. Investment in Virtualization: Yes, you read it right. More the investment into a virtual platform, better will be the data security. This is because top-graded virtual platforms allow systems to integrate with other data centre easily. Virtualization further helps a company to quit clunky and obsolete servers in order to safeguard and upgrade the overall IT infra.
  6. Mobile, Tabs and Native Apps: Users normally have smartphones and other devices with them all the time. So why not access data from these gadgets? To be precise, cloud computing solutions can be easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, solutions have native mobile apps that help users to edit, upload or download files from their phones or tabs. The mobile has a user-friendly interface which is as easy as a laptop version. So, users have no trouble getting valuable data from the cloud.
  7. Always Backup Data: It is highly recommended to keep data backup for a safer side. The backup can be on a simple storage platform, external hard drives like PDs or CDs or NAS (Network Attached Storage), a storage device with multiple drives. These drives can help a user to recover the lost or destructed data easily and quickly.
  8. Authentic UPS: Uninterruptible Power Source or UPS is an electrical appliance that supplies emergency power when the main power is shut or down. A company must ensure that all the servers are well connected with authentic UPS. UPS will further give time to servers to shut down properly in case of power failure.
  9. Data Encryption: Data Encryption is another important aspect to be focused when it comes to data security within the cloud computing infra. It is highly recommended to encrypt all the vital data before uploading the same on the cloud platform. Several encryption tools are widely available for data encryption. These apps will ensure data protection if there exist any cloud security breach.
  10. Monitoring: Monitoring is another aspect when we focus on cloud platform security. Using a powerful management and monitoring tool can help a user to identify the troublesome issues within your cloud infra. Latest cloud management platforms can manage and secure innumerable data centres, applications, workloads, locations and much more.

As we can experience that cloud computing services are continuously evolving, the cloud experts will need to be more innovative for optimizing the platforms. Moreover, there are more cloud efficiencies than mentioned here. These cloud efficiencies can help a user to prevent malware and unauthorized data access onto the cloud infra. So why think more to adopt cloud computing solutions for better working?


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Cloud Security Requires a Multi-Layered Approach
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