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Business concept and realization of investment project


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Few would dispute the fact that businesses want to develop all or . . . almost all business owners. Want - it's even an understatement. Most dreams about investments, about the “enlargement", “expand", “open" new directions “business and that's fine. Another thing is that not everyone can see “how" and “any action" necessary to commit to fulfill the assigned tasks and goals. Here, as they say, and starts a movie . . . And one of the main problems, which “arbitrarily complex, and in most cases it is difficult to be solved - is the availability of business concepts as such.

Readers can decide that the lack of business concepts - these are isolated cases. In fact, it is not so! Availability of business concepts for implementation of investment projects - that is sporadic!

Remember Kutuzov. If he had no strategy, he would have lost to the French war!

Lack of vision and business strategy - are the main reasons for the failure of many start-ups. And talking here about the wrong investment is inappropriate. But investing does not work, just because . . . . “Outside Urine - start from the beginning» J.

"Baby son for his father came and asked crumb:" What is good and what is bad? “

Business concept is missing - it's bad. Poorly, primarily because, for example, in the absence of sufficiently well-considered and thought out business concepts in an expensive cafe you can bring instant coffee in a plastic polystyrene cup, a boutique superexpensive not find the ruble brand bags, to pack, say “product" from natural scribe fur, and in mnogozvezdochnoy hotel at the box office is not there fines to settle with you and wish you Godspeed. Similar examples mass.

It would seem - simple questions (listed above or others). But they decided we have enough of a problem or can not be solved at all. So . . . every business - from trading seeds to the construction of skyscrapers, should have their own and only its unique concept. Especially when it comes to opening up new areas of activity. Why?

You can, of course a long and tedious to write “why", but one or a few examples to answer this question much better than, say okolonauchny university textbook, which in most cases, obsolete before it comes out “in the light. "

There lived a successful entrepreneur . . . I read it in a business magazine that the hotel business is gaining momentum and thought: if I did not do this business? Do not build me a chain of motels in Russia? After all, profitable business! Here you and investments in real estate and land, and it's expensive! God are you, my only thought about it and has the soul nice!

And he invited a specialist in investment obmozgovat and calculate a profitable little business, and became a specialist of strange questions to ask. And the questions were about the following:

Which category would include the proposed motel (hotel) or a network of motels?
To tell the truth . . . there is GOST-50645-94, which “classifies hotels, as well as a number of other regulatory documents, without knowing that, sometimes you can and put an end to the business. Moreover, this list of requirements classification takes into account the SNIP 2.08.02-89, SanPiN 42-123-5774-91.

The amount of investment outlay on the project.
Number of rooms and their structure.
Capital structure. Communication.
Tentative list of services.
Estimated cost of services.
Staffing, salary levels, the structure of enterprises, taxation.
Estimated cost structure.

This list could go on and on, but it is not necessary. Necessity is the other - to define a business concept, and only with a conditional probability, we can get the answers (or at least “assumptions" on issues that were identified earlier). Otherwise . . . the probability of correct economic calculations scanty, and the subsequent “investment aerial" is large enough.

So, ask, ask the expert questions to the owner, and in response to something like: “Yes, I would build everything cheaper, but more expensive berths to sell. This is not a hotel any, and “just bed and breakfast. " The night and goodbye! And what the concept will have the network entoy hotel-motel? It does not matter! What a turn out, so be it! You think druzhek, a business he put everything in its place!

Specialist convince - persuade saying that an approach to business “is not quite right" that is fraught with all sorts of problems in the future, but do not listen to him, and life time really put everything into place, but more on that later.

So, with grief in half was built two motel and service there, to say the least, was below average, and they began to work, a money business owners to bear. Worked, worked, until a similar idea had not come to another successful entrepreneur, but he thought very differently:

Firstly, he clearly envisioned that paying primarily for “convenience and service. "

Secondly, they do not like us to pay in principle and certainly overpay.

Third, he opened his business “in the future. " Little did that, “of the hotel" will happen a year later, another! God forbid another and climbed into the WTO, and burzhuinsky funds are to come to our Russian land. And they are here to build motels and otelchik, and yes even advertise them! This is terrible!

Business his motel he did, not something to really very clever, but, rather, right!

Cost is, of course, up to 40 percent more expensive, but . . . the effect of the investment was, and still some. Why? Yes, because the concept was originally thought-out business, and what happened? It turns out that if only slightly, “to strengthen the service" to exclude hibernate staff of business and on a couple of dollars lower price, then the Client will be pulled. And it did!

As for the service, then it is not about to bring to every guest lighted Havana cigar and forcefully shoved it in his mouth, even if he does not smoke. But the clean towels and slippers - it's too little to the soul of the client was a pleasant aftertaste.

And it's not that burnt a network of 2 motels, which were discussed at the beginning, no, it is still alive and well, but initially in its “concept" was designed “outhouse in the yard, " not in the room and it's bad!

And if you suddenly have to be someone “soak the toilet", so even in winter, where it is convenient to do outdoors or indoors? Of course, in the room! That is, in general, and makes all the difference, and the time put everything in its place!

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