Obstacles to Lasting Change

Kurt Mortensen

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Change is the key to our success and to our financial future. Often in our own lives, however, change is something we fiercely resist. We can only become who we want to become through change.

In spite of knowing this, we still often wallow in our comfort zone. Even when achievement sits on our doorstep, we're still too comfortable to make an adjustment. The irony is that if you want anything to change in your life, the only place to begin is with yourself. You are the only one who can exert complete control over and alter your destiny. Most people wish for things to change, but instead of doing anything to make that change happen, they sit back hoping and waiting for luck to knock on their door. Well the fact is, reality will eventually rear its ugly head and show you that life doesn't work that way. Waiting for the lottery, waiting for that long-lost inheritance or waiting for that big raise will not produce the results you want. The very first place to look for transformation is within. Sure, you may legitimately have cause to point some fingers, but doing so will only delay your success and happiness. When you take ownership of yourself, your life and your income, you are on your way to harnessing success.

The biggest obstacles to change are fear, lack of motivation, lack of knowledge and lack of vision. People will not change if they fear failure, if they don't have a reason to, if they don't know how to or if they don't know where change will take them. If you want to inspire change in others, you have to make their future rewards stronger than their current fears. If changes are to be lasting and successful, it is essential to have the necessary reinforcement and tools at your disposal to assist you in the transformation process. First of all, we know that one must have the desire before change can take place. Therefore, dangling bait in front of somebody's nose is useless if it's not something they find desirable. What do they want, and do they want it enough? The desire has to be there. Second, their desire must be coupled with enthusiasm. They can't say to themselves,

"That would be nice. " They really have to feel like, “All right, let's do this!" Not like,

"Yeah, I want that, but. . . . " For lasting change to manifest in them, there is no room for half-heartedness or apathetic feelings on the part of your prospects. They must embrace change as their vehicle and step on the gas!

Third, your prospects must be open to suggestions, input and new ideas. Nothing is going to change if they keep doing the same things they've been doing all along, right? So, they've got to be open to new possibilities, new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things. People can't act differently if they don't think differently, and they can't think differently if they aren't open to new information.

Fourth, your prospects must have a positive outlook on change as a growing process that will not take place overnight. Nothing sucks the energy out of someone faster than the realization of unrealistic goals or false hopes. At the very first encounter of struggle, such individuals shrink away in defeat. The challenges seem too daunting, or they slide into a negative, complacent attitude, thinking, “See, I knew it wouldn't work. . . . " Then they're just back to where they started, or worse.

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