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What Happens When Change is a Positive Experience

Edmund Brunetti

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Like death and taxes change management is inevitable. Though people can be very resistant to change it does not follow that change is necessarily bad. When people perceive change as a positive it can sweep through an organisation and be adopted quickly across the board.

Achieving positive change is a skill

Creating the atmosphere for positive change management requires planning and forethought, and some change management Melbourne specialists have been leading the way in how to achieve nirvana in organisational change management.

Preparation is essential

There are two elements in preparing for change; one is working out the how and the other is getting those who will need to change ready. Both of these have to be synchronised and brought together in a combined organisational change management plan.

The type of change

Some changes can be phased in. Others need to be implemented all at one time. Imagine trying to phase in a change from driving on the left to the right! So it is important the planners know what sort of change and how they plan to implement it.

People and change

Getting people ready for change can be a little more complicated. People have reactions and feelings. Even if most of a group of colleagues are positive about it, one negative person can sour the whole atmosphere and undermine any positive feeling. But this can be avoided.

Training for change

It transpires that people can be trained to better accept change and at least accept it as inevitable if not get to the point where they welcome it.

Training can provide employees with an understanding of their responses to change and why they respond in the way they do. With that understanding in place, they can then develop strategies and techniques to help them cope or respond more positively to change.

Training also develops feelings of positivity for the team as well as empathy and support across team members which allows the stronger members or the ones less susceptible to negative feeling to help others become more involved.

Results of training

Resilience training can help prepare staff as a whole and prepare managers to better deal with the situation before it is implemented.

From a corporate perspective, companies can expect less absenteeism as a result of concerns over change. While this is a huge positive the flip side is that people remain much more engaged through the process of change. This helps both acceptance and implementation of that change.

Teams as a whole tend to experience increased levels of connection in addition to higher productivity as they develop capacity to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Change happens

But it does not follow that change has to be taken as a disadvantage or negative experience. Change can be galvanising and a potent force for good. Companies who are taking advantage of change management Melbourne professionals are developing positive strategies which can make their organisations more responsive, adaptive and flexible within the modern corporate environment.


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