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The Negative Effects of Low Resilience & What to Do About It

Edmund Brunetti

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Resilience is defined as a person’s ability to adapt to change, or cope with challenges and stress. It is an often-overlooked skill that needs to make a serious comeback, as the negative effects of low resilience are wide reaching. They are most often noticed, however, in the work place, which is the primary reason many employers have utilised corporate resilience training in Canberra or Melbourne… but we’ll get back to that in a moment.

Before we can change resilience in Melbourne work places, we must first understand what the negative effects are. It is very easy to simply state something is bad without citing sources. Here are just a few of the negative effects seen in the work place when employees have low resilience:

* Drama and conflict between employees or employees and management
* Outbursts of anger when deadlines or situations change
* Freezing when placed under pressure
* Inferior performance when presented with challenging situations
* Significantly high numbers of call outs
* Poor work and home life balance
* High employee turnover rate
* Employees who dread coming to work each day, and as such, generally perform poorly

These are just a few of the most noticeable and severe effects which can occur when positive change in resilience for Melbourne workers is needed. When resilience levels are increased in the individual employees, the entire company benefits. Bottom lines tend to be better, as productivity levels increase. Turnover rates stay low, because everyone has the ability to enjoy their job. But how can you accomplish this at your company?

The best way to alter this all-too-common situation is to make use of corporate resilience training. In Canberra one company which offers this service is Working Mind, which delivers in-house training to several areas of Australia.

Corporate resilience training works by giving participants the emotional IQ needed to monitor and manage their own stress levels. When a person can consciously notice how they are feeling, they can make better decisions on how to handle them.

For example, a person who consciously notices they are on the verge of burning out or are reaching their stress limits can then either take a few moments to compose themselves, schedule a day off to recuperate, or even simply take five extra minutes at lunch to continue typical high productivity levels. A person who consciously notices they are in a happy, productive frame of mind can feel confident taking on an exceptionally difficult project or staying an hour later when asked.

People do not work well under long term stress, but many do not realise they are reaching their personal thresholds until it is too late. This is when people become subject to angry outbursts, unexpectedly quitting their job, or lashing out at fellow co-workers.

Although stress is not avoidable, corporate resilience training has the potential to change how participants react to that stress. By initiating healthy reactions, the entire working environment can drastically change from a place employees dread being, to an enjoyable one.

For gathering more info about where to get change resilience Melbourne services and also about corporate resilience training in Canberra , please check out these links.


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