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Hide in the shoe sole of ice pot shoe of secret


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Beautiful misses of Chinese ice pot brigade develop outstanding, for after China obtain the first a life time brocade match champion, ice pot this unpopular item also heats day by day within several days, becomes using a frequency very high vocabulary and causes the concern and interest of the wide readership. Reporter's some kind of investigations publish the answer of many problems for you. The ice pot is long what kind?The material that slips away a stone on the ice includes an ice pot, game to brush with shoe and hair. The ice pot exercises, will have first. Be so called to slip away a stone. According to Zheng Zhou university teacher Sung in college of athletics the second Wei introduce, ice pot is athletics exercise machine of a kind of ice, is a kind of disc-shaped stone ball, is done not contain a micaceous granite stone to dig to whet to make into by the Scotland, standard diameter 30 Li rices, 11.5 Li rices in height, weigh 19 kilograms, general week long is about 91.44 Li rices.

Is international currently ascend a standard slip away the price of stone about in USD 1500. The ice pot originates a Scotland for 16 centuries, at that time people will in play a kind of game that push stone ball in the garden pond kept in deep freeze wetly in winter. Stream into North America in 18th century. The Scotland establishes the first club in the world in 1795. Stream into Canada in 1807, 1820 since spread in the United States etc. ground. Scotch ice pot club draws up the first contest rule in 1838. Is the ice pot how to have fun?The place of ice pot grows 44.5 meters, breadth 4.32 meters and establishes a 2 inches, breadths in five finger shoes frame of 4 inches on all sides. Place centerline two sides have the advanced line, D word the line respectively and rearguard line, the point of intersection of D word line is the central point of camp Lei, take central point as center of a circle, outwardly respectively each the united at heart circle that the making uniform a radius is 0.15 meters, 0.61 meters, 1.22 meters and 1.83 meters. The ice pot game carries on between two brigades, each brigade 4 member of team Be each to throw two ice pot, a little bit popular say, is one square's ice pot to approach camp Lei(the circle of match way terminal point) central point more than the other party, will get penny. Totally carry on 10 bureaus, each bureau hurl is two(total 16 slips away a stone), both parties rotate successively a hand and get a goal a high brigade to win. The ice pot sees the point lie in both parties to make use of various technique present up match wits Dou brave, therefore many people says, the ice pot is last a kind of ice go game. For what always brush ice noodles?Mr. Chang of elaboration asks:Beat ice pot game, why old does the brush using hair brush ice noodles?What is the purpose that does like this ?

The Sung second Wei answered, wiping the ice noodles could rise the purpose of smooth ice noodles, let up the friction of ice pot and ice noodles thus and promised that the speed of ice pot can't let up. This also according to the situation of field, rectify the ice pot speed that throws an empress. Professional ice pot shoe 1000-2000 dollars skate with pattern, short way the ice skates that soon slip to etc. athlete to wear is different, ice pot the shoe sole that the athlete wears is very special. The Sung second Wei says that two shoe sole qualities of the ice pot shoe are different, the Deng lives the shoe sole of ice noodles to make in to¡ãfrom the rubber, while the shoe sole of the feet of skidding make into for plastics, the generally professional ice pot shoe are in 1000-2000 dollars. Because ice pot the expenses for exercising throws in a little bit greatly, but exhausting of each device is very small, a set of equipments includes brush, and five finger shoes. . . etc. and usually uses a lot of times, therefore a lot of professional member of team needed a suit to fully go during a lifetime.

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