Change Management: Finding the Order in Chaos


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The term ‘change management’ tends to leave people in the dark, often seeming vague and somewhat mystical. “Does it have something to do with counting pennies, ” you might ask? In truth, it has little to do with a pocket-full of change and, yet, many similarities.

Change management is more a leadership skill, than an actual job position or title. It is the ability to take any change that affects a company, and to establish a sense of calm and order, out of what many may perceive as a chaotic situation. The changes can vary, some examples being the introduction of a new software program, a change in management, or even something as drastic as relocation. All of these things can create a sense of confusion and frustration in the workforce. Change management is needed, in order to keep the train on its tracks, and to help employees adjust as quickly as possible.

Change managers possess the ability to analyze the situation, set up public relations with those it affects, and to motivate the workforce towards acceptance of this change. Their purpose is to jump right into the mess, grab everyone’s attention and point out a goal, in such a fashion that it is understandable and will encourage others to reach for it. Developing a team, establishing individual jobs, and determining a team leader quickly tips the scales, changing chaos into order. While people typically resist change; most embrace it, when shown a route to overcome it.

A valuable asset to any company, change management is essential to making things run smoothly. Much like a handful of coins, it begins with the simple ability to sort things out and, when used correctly, adds up to money in the bank. While it’s not always easy to turn a chaotic workforce into a smooth-running operation, change management develops a sense of order and motivates the team towards adopting the change. Once that is accomplished, you’ve won the hardest battle.

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Change Happens: Change and Transition Management for the Individual
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