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So What Makes a Great Leader?


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That age old question, what makes a great leader, can be answered if you know where to look. Find out more in this article.

What qualities do the best leaders have that the rest of us don't? How can we figure this out? It's actually not as hard as you might think because we all have the answers within us.

Whether in the workplace or elsewhere, we all have experiences of leaders and we instinctively know good from bad. So when we want to figure out what makes a great leader then we just need to brainstorm and figure out those qualities for ourselves. Here are some thoughts of mine from my own experiences.

What Makes A Bad Leader?

Indecisiveness is a weakness of a bad leader. One good example is the present Prime Minister of England. Gordon Brown has a very low popularity at the moment and he is said to be a “ditherer" who does not easily make up his mind.

A leader who makes false promises soon loses the respect of his workers. I have worked for bosses who have promised that “things will get better" and done nothing more. Such false promises and excuses heard time and time again soon wear thin on workers.

An unqualified leader soon loses the respect of his peers. I have worked for a number of managers who only got the job because the previous boss left and it was cheaper to promote from within. Often, these newly promoted managers have never been leaders before and have no idea how to lead. If they do their best then they will get respect, despite the circumstances. However, if they carry on and ignore the situation then respect is quickly lost.

What Makes A Great Leader?

A clear vision and an ability to get others to believe in his vision. The late John F. Kennedy is a perfect example of someone who had this quality.

A great leader is easy to relate to and perhaps not so different to you and I. A good example of this is Bill Gates. His “geeky" exterior and coming from a middle class background make him a leader that many people respect, despite some of his disagreeable corporate tactics!

One of the best bosses I ever worked for was a guy who did not use corporate speak or pretend to be someone else. With his team, he was a very genuine person who told it like it was. He did not tow the line of the company when he spoke with us and our loyalties were very firmly to him and not the company.

You Can Find More Qualities Of A Great Leader

Simply think back to your own experiences of both good and bad leaders and think about what you admired or disliked about them. These are the same things that you should embrace and distance yourself from if and when you become a leader yourself.

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