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Thinking Your Way to A Better Future

You can get change working in your favor. I have used the following suggestions to get positive change management outcomes over the past 17 years. The following is urgent information because every day you don't use it is a day you'll live in fear of an uncertain future. Plan for change and you'll end up in a place your happy with - one in which you are in control- not your circumstances. Start to think through the major change building in your life. Make a decision now to cooperate with the change. Don't even consider fighting it.

Gaining Awareness

From this moment go on red alert so you can be the first to know of changes in information coming your way, changes in relationship between those closest to you, and attitudes towards you. All these can be forewarnings of a big change coming your way. Be forewarned and you can build a positive response.

Grabbing Hold of the Change

Don't let another day pass without actively seeking out all the possible information on the coming change. Gather all the details you can from loved ones, team members and even those you would not normally talk to. Treat change like a friend whom you want to know well. Being fully informed enables you to make quality decisions to position yourself to control the plans of those who think they are managing the change in your life.

Locking Down the Change

Now that you're viewed as a hero in the change process use all the power and influence you can to limit, and lock into place, the specific steps in the coming change. With this lock down you can have an assurance about not only “surviving" but “thriving" in the midst of the change.

Change Forecasting

With this major change will come secondary change. One major such change will be fluctuations in income level. With pen and paper do some sums as you forecast what this change will be. Often times these sums and the information they give you provide a bigger change management reward than your response to the primary change. Say you forecast a 30% drop in income. This motivates you to step up your efforts to earn multiple streams of income from the Internet. The end result is your forecsat income for the next financial year is greater than anticipated.

Evaluating Your Plan

Your change management plan, when completed, needs to be evaluated for possible improvements. Where their are sections of your plan not giving you the desired outcome then fine tune them with appropriate changes.

Treat these foregoing suggestions as your Urgent Information and you will be in control of the change and it will not be able to control you. In particular, be sure you are, Thinking Your Way to A Better Future, Gaining Awareness, Grabbing Hold of the Change, Locking Down the Change, Change Forecasting, and Evaluating Your Plan. Then you will be a seasoned change manager and in the best position to profit from the next round of change that comes your way.

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Change Management - Coping with Change
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