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Forward: The Right Direction


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I read an old newspaper account of three tragic deaths. Two men and a youth (Arnold Dobson, Harold Most and his son Harold, Jr. ) perished in the blasting summer heat of Death Valley in California. Sheriff deputies found the bodies at seven, fourteen and seventeen miles from their abandoned car. In leaving their stranded car to seek help, the three had headed in the wrong direction going towards a ranch house they had passed thirty miles back. Just a mile in the other direction was a grove of willow trees and a spring.

How often have we made the same mistake? We look back to what we know, rather than seek the unknown, the unfamiliar. We trust what we think is the correct path without looking into what could be our salvation. The future always seems a little scary, but events in the past were just as uncertain and sometimes even looking back casts doubt on our decisions.

What could the future hold? What will tomorrow bring? How will business be different next month, next year or the year after? We never know, but we need to train our minds to be open and accepting of the possibilities . . . just a mile down the road.

Justin Tyme is an internet reporter and published author. He writes for print media and industrial video productions and is a contributor to Ideas and Training ( ) and Human Resources Radio ( ).


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