Change Management And Getting Invited For a Date

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Resistance is a nuisance. You want to carry on, get up to speed and all kind of people are pulling your sleeves with a lot of questions, criticism and other hindrances that slow you down.

Good for them! And . . . good for you!

What would you plan be if nobody resisted? Is this not what dating is all about? You say; “no really, I can’t make it tomorrow, I’m sorry!” and in the meantime you hope that your date is not off all together. Let him (or her) wait for a bit.

In business it’s quite more complicated, but also there you have a plan and people, departments, that are not willing. At first.

Not in the last place this is because there is not really a plan. Sometimes the plan looks more like a dark tunnel, where I wouldn't step in either. The resistance will help you (and hoefully an increasing number of people with you who are better informed and starting to take some steps) to get thing sorted out.

A good question you will hear in such environments is; “Tell me, What’s in it for me?” This is a buyers question. You buy something, so you want to make sure that you get something in return.

The person at the door, with the nice set of folders should give you an satisfying answer. If he or she can’t, there is no chance, I mean: change.

If people in what ever situation, personal or business, really want something, the effort should be worthwhile.

Like that date: fight for him, otherwise he will be gone.

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Hans Bool is the founder of Astor White a traditional management consulting company that offers online management advice. Astor Online solves issues in hours what normally would take days. You can apply for a free demo account.


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You Are Invited
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