Active Retirement Might be Your Answer to the Pensions Crisis

Peter Fisher

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Don't let retirement be forced on you or think you have to continue in a job you dislike because the Pensions Industry has messed up. Active retirement might be the answer when all you actually want to do is stop what you’ve been doing but not “hang up your boots" altogether.

This may be a good choice for you – especially if you are keen to maintain intellectual stimulation; you like a challenge AND you have expert knowledge in some subject or another.

For most people contemplating retirement, or early retirement, the main concern is money; however, far from thinking of putting your feet up, there are other and better ways to supplement your investments or pension.

Like many of us, you would probably be keen to supplement your personal pension income. If you enjoy mental stimulation or need to have a sense of purpose you'll be less concerned that without a job you lose a large part of your identity.

If you’re taking early retirement, why not ask your employer if they could continue to use your skill and knowledge as a consultant - you can do this either as self-employed or as an employee of your own small business. If the idea of owning your own small business is attractive to you, running a small business can be a most satisfying retirement occupation, and there are thousands of success stories of those who took the plunge at 55-plus. These people have built businesses that provide involvement, fun and income while creating something of value to pass on to their children or grandchildren.

You almost certainly have a skill or specialist knowledge to offer, and with the drive and energy to do something with it, the time to invest and the health to support your ambition, then you have the basis of a business that can bring real retirement benefits, allow you to make the most of your investment income, and above all continuing career satisfaction.

You may not have given it much thought but you could as you are reading this perhaps you are looking for ideas. I have built an online business based upon my knowledge and you could too. You’ve no doubt amassed a great deal of knowledge from your work experience, your hobbies, passions, or past-times. Think about the websites you visit; my own website at comes from my specialist knowledge and a set of tools called Site Build It that removes any need for technical web site building knowledge – you could do it too, and if you let me I’ll show you.

Needless to say I’m only recommending this because I know it works, and they can not only prove it but back it up with lots of good ideas for ways you can use your own knowledge; I had no web-site building skills yet I’ve been able to put together a 93 page website in a very short space of time. I'm sure if I can do it, you could do it too!

I’m going to give you a few ideas that show you exactly what is possible if you know your subject matter. And if you're really motivated you can build a solid business with interest and intellectual stimulation that provides information to others who can benefit from your knowledge, whilst creating additional retirement income for your family.

You never have to sell a product or service; you can build upon this foundation of information. It’s your choice, depending on your skills, inclination, and time availability.

But if you do like the idea of selling a service; perhaps using your knowledge as a Consultant, you could offer a service related to your particular niche. Since every service revolves around a theme you could build a client base, whether clients are local (e. g. business consulting, or organizing children's birthday parties) or global (e. g. assessing the value of antiquarian books or travel services). Or you could start a completely new service business - what do you know or do, that is of value to others? This is how you can start to build a business and with it additional money.

Just like me, before getting too involved you'd probably want to see what other people like you and I have done, and perhaps get some good ideas for yourself take a look at these results which range from “Home Decorating" to “Juggling" and making “Greetings Cards" all at http://results.

Peter Fisher is a Career Coach, writer and consultant. His website is at .


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