How To Effectively Present All Of Your IT Skills

Richard Ward

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Effectively present all of your IT skills with the IT Technical Skills Summary - an exceptionally powerful document that should form part of every resume submitted.

The IT Technical Skills Summary ensures that every IT skill you have acquired - computer software, computer hardware, applications software, and so on, will be indexed in resume databases or viewed by hiring managers or recruiters. It will prove to be a valuable tool in helping you to get the job interview that will lead to the right job.

The layout uses 4-columns to allow you to effectively present a complete, quantified, qualified, very easy to read, summary of the IT technical skills and experience that you have acquired over the course of your career.

The 4-column layout enables an employer to quickly scan, in a matter of seconds, the complete document to see if you have the technical skills and experience that they need.

Resume databases are used by most recruiters, headhunters and employers. Every word - every skill - that is included in a resume is indexed when your resume is added to the database. If the skill or experience is not inlcuded in your resume because you have edited your resume down to one or two pages then vital skills that may get you interviewed are missing.

The IT Technical Skills Summary ensures that your resume is database ready and that each and every skill that you have worked so hard to acquire will be indexed when your resume is entered or scanned into a resume database.

When is searched is done for a required skill, or set of skills, your name will be part of the top search listings - if your skills match the skill-set needed.

Your acquired skills are what make you unique and of potential value to an employer. Differentiate yourself. What is considered an acquired skill? Just reading a book about something does not count as an acquired skill.

Generally, to be considered “acquired" the skill has been used in a work environment, in unpaid work done for a volunteer organization or learned through formal instruction in a school, college, university or on-the-job training. Of course, there are always exceptions and the skill could have been acquired through self-study and work.

People are constantly bombarded with the idea that a resume should only be one or two pages long. Nonsense. The number of pages required will depend on how long you have been working and how many skills you have acquired. The greater the number of years worked and the greater the number of skills acquired, the more pages required.

It cannot be too long if the IT Technical Skills Summary includes the skills that you have acquired over the course of your career.

You need to present your skills so that employers and recruiters know that you have them. You have worked hard and made a large investment of time and money to acquire your skills.

So get out your pen and begin to write down every skill that you have acquired and prepare your own IT Technical Skills Summary.

Richard E.Ward , the IT Job Coach, has many years experience as an IT Headhunter and provides IT professionals personal coaching through . Visit the IT Technical Skills Summary Online Tutorial .


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