Worried About Layoffs and Offshore?


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For the past few years we have seen many layoffs and job elimination due to off shoring of jobs. Is there any job that can give some kind of security?

There are no jobs now which can give you 100% guarantee nowadays. But you can avoid the lay off and the effects of off shoring by the following:-

- Keep a step ahead of the crowd by learning new skills - Make yourself a valuable asset to the employers - Try to get a federal or defense related job since most these kind of jobs are safer from off shoring.

- Due to the war in Iraq and the downsizing of the armed forces there are plenty of contract jobs in the private sector doing business with defense forces. Most of the positions require US citizenship which means these kinds of jobs are never off shored. This is a safe bet to start.

- Know more about your business; if you have a strong business knowledge it will be hardly outsourced or off shored

- Take a moment to think about the job you are doing. Can any one do your job from anywhere? any time restrictions? Lot of interaction? these questions might give a clue about your job situation.

The high tech industry and the software industry in particular is vulnerable to offshoring of services. The only way you can avoid is to learn more business about the company and make yourself an important player in the team.

There are several web sites that specializes jobs related to federal government and defense contracting jobs. You should check some sites and apply for a job. One of the website I would recommend is http://www.jobsforuscitizens.com

Roger Thompson has been in the Human Resource, Contracting industry, online ecommerce for the past 10 years. He has helped many candidates to get employment with both federal government and private companies and advising online shoppers. For more information jobs for us citizens visit http://www.jobsforuscitizens.com


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