The Wrong Job - The Top 10 Indicators for Recognizing It's Yours!

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1. Do I only sleep well when I am not working the next day?

2. Do I readily find excuses to go to work late?

3. Does the telephone handset weigh a hundred pounds?

4. Do I sit at my desk or workstation wishing I were somewhere else?

5. Is laughter absent from my life at work?

6. Do I consistently take overly long lunchbreaks?

7. Do I have lots of bright ideas about my life outside of work but none for the workplace?

8. For my multiple trips to the bathroom during the workday, do I always take something unrelated to work to read?

9. Has my health deteriorated, do I suffer from headaches and stomach aches which my doctor tells me have no other cause?

10. And to close on a lighter note, has hair loss caused by head-scratching been a problem lately?

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