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Families, mothers, employers, and medical practices all interact in one way or another with a medical billing specialist. When medical billing is required, a qualified medical billing specialist can help you process your claim quickly and thoroughly. Medical billing specialists work in many different areas. A variety of tasks require a medical billing specialist to be familiar with medical transcription, medical codes, and electronic medical records (EMR).

This article not only explains the types of information a medical billing specialist should be familiar with but also the types of information that families, mothers, employers, and medical practices should be familiar with.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is the method of transferring medical information, such as diagnosis or interviews, from an audio format to a paper format or an electronic format. SOAP notes are recorded with a transcription machine before it is transferred to an electronic format. It becomes part of an electronic medical record or EMR.

A medical transcription job is often sent to a medical transcription company or processed with a medical transcription program. Medical transcription articles provide more information on the process of medical transcription as well as electronic medical records.

Medical Codes

Qualified medical billing specialists are also familiar with various medical codes, governing record-keeping, billing, and certification. CPT codes, HIPAA certification, ICD.9 codes, HCFA 1500 formats, etc. are just some of the important standards by which a qualified medical billing specialist performs his or her work. Other diagnosis codes and claim processing codes also play a continual role in medical billing, and a medical billing specialist should be aware of how they function.

Electronic Medical Records

An EMR, or electronic medical record, is a convenient way to process medical records in today’s business world. Databases are full of EMRs comprised of SOAP notes, billing information, medical history, and other relevant information. Electronic medical records must be carefully managed, backed up, and stored. They must also be kept secure.

Medical Practice Software

Medical practice software has helped to simplify the medical billing process, allowing a streamlined database of EMRs along with access to medical codes. Medical practices are beginning to adopt this type of software in order to cut their IT costs and set up fees and adopt a month by month cost on a secured system. Information may then be accessed from any computer or PDA by authorized individuals. Medical billing specialists are trained in software programs such as these.

Joe Miller is an author of informational articles and online advertisements on health and medical software. Medical billing specialist information is available at AdvancedMD.com .


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Medical Billing is Important For Any Patient Medical Office
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