How To Lose A Job During The Job Interview

Carl Mueller

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The job interview is typically where the job is either won or lost.

Often, you leave a job interview feeling good about your effort but when you don’t get the job offer, you are left wondering what went wrong.

This is especially true these days where employers are often hesitant to provide real reasons for turning you down for or where they simply don’t give you a reason that suffices.

Telling you that they found “someone more suited for the position” doesn’t really help you improve your interviewing skills, does it?

Here are some tips to help you ensure you are doing everything right during the interview process and to ensure you aren’t doing anything unwittingly that might be costing you jobs:

1. Don’t show up for the interview late or unprepared. There is no excuse for either. This should be obvious but I’ve spoken with plenty of candidates who don’t think arriving 5 minutes late for an interview is a big deal. Trust me, it is.

2. Don’t under dress for the interview. It’s usually best to over dress if you’re not sure how to dress for the interview. Business attire is almost always standard for professional positions.

3. Don’t forget to offer the interviewer a firm handshake and remember to look them in the eye and address them by name when introducing yourself. Maintain eye contact during the interview but don’t stare at them constantly and freak them out.

4. Don’t make it look like you are money-motivated. Employers aren’t interested to hire people who are simply looking for a raise. Let them bring up the issue of money, not you. It will come up when the time is right and the longer you delay the issue of money, the better for you.

5. Don’t focus on your needs during the interview. Employers hire people to solve a problem not because they have a spare seat to fill. Address the needs of the employer, not what you need.

6. Don’t disparage your current or former employers. Speaking poorly about your current or former employers is just bad form and does not make you look good.

7. Don’t give away secrets about your employer or discuss any confidential information you know about them during the interview process even if you are asked about it. Trust is highly important when looking for a new staff member and spilling the beans about confidential information shows that you are not trustworthy.

8. Don’t leave your cellphone or pager on during the Interview and certainly don’t answer it if it rings.

9. Don’t swear, tell off-color jokes or say anything otherwise considered offensive during the interview.

10. Show enthusiasm during the interview. Act naturally and don’t forget to allow your personality to shine through.

11. Don’t assume that the receptionist or whoever greets you when you arrive for the interview is unimportant. I’ve seen some employers that will ask their receptionist about what they think about a person who they interviewed for a position. If the receptionist notices something that you do or say while waiting to be called into the interview, don’t assume that he/she won’t tell the hiring manager. I’ve seen it happen and it can cost you a job.

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