The Importance of Professional Networking

Jayashree Mudaliar

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Networking is one of the most important tools which have given more Return-On-Investment than any other in a profession or business; Most of the time you might have benefitted from a friend or acquaintance in getting a job referral or a business opportunity. Professional networking is one area which you should focus and platforms like LinkedIn should be considered important if you are employed or running a business.

How to Make Connections

We meet a lot of people in our daily work life. Most of them co-employees, some we meet at a business conference, some may be our clients. Whoever it is, try connecting with them in LinkedIn. This way you could keep the contact intact in case you need help from them in the future. Start a conversation or engage in LinkedIn by sharing good things, which starts an interaction. The more people interact the better the connection develops between you and them. This way you could also capture the attention and they will not forget you.

Benefits of Professional Connections Friendship Benefits

Knowing people in the industry is a big plus. More than professional benefits, sharing time with similar minded people will help you emotionally and psychologically. People can find you online based on your job and interests, which could end in potential support for you professionally and at times they could be developed into good friends.


Good connections lead you to better opportunities. You may end up acquiring business leads, clients, joint ventures, business or assets brought or sold, there is this endless list of opportunity a good connection can bring you.


Connecting with people who are well experienced in your domain could be handful as you may ask for advices and help in needful situations. Why spend thousands on a private consultant if you have an expert in your own connection.


LinkedIn connections can assist you better in finding business prospects or job changes without expectation of payment. The benefits would be mutual as long as you are connected to that person. Such connections can also help you share your links, start interactions about your company or business in a group, give user reviews and recommendations which can be mutual.

People Influence

We will definitely be influenced by our company. Whether positive or negative, our network has an immense influence on our mind. This could be capitalized; if we choose good connections the impact on us will also be good. Modelling successful people is a way to improve your own performance, hence choose better connections.

Professional networking is very important in today’s scenario. Professional networks also give you an audience to showcase yourself to. More people get a business opportunity or better jobs just because they know someone. It may sound silly for most of them but this is a real fact. When you have a connection inside a company the chances of you getting a business or job will be increased.

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