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5 reasons for IT security people to take note of cloud computing


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With so much talk about cloud computing and the huge debate about whether or not it will actually take off, here’s a few reasons why we think that IT security professionals should be taking note of cloud computing just in case.

1) For all those who don’t work for an IT company – your employer didn’t go in to business to “do IT”

Businesses either offer a service or sell a product and although they may use IT to enable them to do this or enhance the way they do either of these money making tasks – IT is a department that exists due to necessity rather that desire. As a result the way in which the company is supported by IT comes down to very few factors, primarily how much it costs. With Cloud computing boasting minimal costs to employers compared to the likes of in–house possibilities and more and more companies becoming aware of the concept, how long is it likely to be before companies start trying it out?

2) The possibility for IT security responsibility to be outsourced

OK, so from a regulatory perspective a company is responsible for all its own IT security, however, in the press cloud computing offers companies the chance to distance themselves and limit the impact to their own brand reputation. “The client data was lost from a cloud storage provider not us – we don’t house IT” is an excuse that could diffuse reputation issues quite significantly.

3) Cloud security skills may be different from traditional IT security skills.

It’s likely that the only insight in to your own security will be that which your cloud provider offers you. This will limit or wipe out the possibility of on-site audits (to whenever your provider see fit) pen-testing, file system forensic analysis etc.

4) Cloud is coming

Whether Cloud computing is going to take off to the extent that in-house security is a thing of the past or if it simply works alongside as an additional option to traditional IT security methods, what is clear is that cloud is coming. With investments from some of the world’s biggest tech companies including IBM, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, the amount of money involved in cloud computing is in the region of hundreds of millions of dollars.

5) You could end up working for a cloud computing provider

Cloud computing is here and as it grows is going to need IT security specialists. Although the skills and knowledge required are likely to be different to traditional IT security jobs , people with experience in these areas are likely to be in high demand.

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