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Busting the myths surrounding landing IT Graduate Jobs


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The IT graduate jobs market at the moment is harder to break in to than it has ever been – although this is true of most graduate job markets. As a result we’re busting some of the myths we’ve heard.

Myth 1 – Looking for work is a job in itself

Job hunting takes a great deal of focus and effort, that parts true, however it is important that while you are job hunting you aren’t damaging your chances of finding a job by creating gaps in your CV.

Gaps can often raise doubts about your CV and yourself as a suitable candidate for a role.

Our suggestion is to keep active while job hunting. Look for work placements, do voluntary work or study – anything like this will show employers you are proactive, motivated and will help you develop or add to your existing skill set.

Myth 2 – Job hopping is frowned upon

OK, so it doesn’t look great if you’ve changed jobs every 2 weeks but a little bit of movement on your CV is to be understood when you are fresh out of university. What is important if you have made a few moves is that you are able to articulate what you learned from each experience and why you chose to move on.

Myth 3 – Taking a job not related to your chosen career will trap you

When you first leave university, the chances of you landing a job that will set you up perfectly for the career of your dreams is unlikely. If you are struggling to get a job in your chosen field it is not looked down upon for you to take any employment – in fact it is often seen as a positive characteristic that you are willing to do what is necessary to keep improving on your skills.

Our suggestion is not to focus on job titles but to look seriously at what you learnt from each position and demonstrate how these skills will be beneficial to your next employer.

Myth 4 – “Paper” CVs are outdated

With the rise of social media and particularly professional networking sites such as Linkedin alongside the introduction and growing popularity of augmented reality CVs, web portfolio CVs and video CVs the message a lot of young IT graduates looking for IT graduate jobs are getting is that a “paper” CV is outdated. This isn’t the case.

Most job boards, recruitment sites and employers don’t have the facilities to accept these “innovative” CVs and recruiting professionals don’t have the time to review them. There are very few places that will ask you for anything other than a traditional CV.

Our suggestion is to keep your focus on your “paper” CV – make sure that is as good as it can be. For some creative types, for example web designers, online portfolios etc can be a great way to demonstrate your work - but you will typically be asked for these after an initial review of your “paper” CV.

In general, stays focused and always keep in mind what you are learning from your experiences and how those skills will be of benefit to future employers.

Good luck!

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