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Part Time Jobs: Getting One Can Be A Full Time Occupation


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There was a time when the notion of a part time job was associated with kids and newspaper routes. Now the “usual suspects” include teenagers, retirees or homemakers-all looking to make some extra cash. The classified ads are a good source for opportunities. It seems almost everyone is on the lookout for part time jobs, if not for themselves then someone they know. Youngsters, oldsters, college students, stay-at-home-moms and dads can be found working part time jobs which they got through the classifieds or by word of mouth. Older folks work part time to feel more vital and can use the extra money for living, gifts or travel. For teenagers, while it was nice to have some money for CDs, movies, pizza and dates, today they put the money to more practical use. Often the cash is used to make the family meet ends or be stashed away to for college. Speaking of which, having a part time job in college is critical as tuition keeps rising. University students also work part time jobs for a reduction in tuition as part of work-study packages. Campus online ads are helpful in this regard. Hence, the competition for part time employment is keen and doesn’t discriminate among age or socio-economic groups. Even full time workers seek part time jobs to keep up with the cost of living or to make up for lost overtime. Fortunately the newspaper classified ads are chock-full of part time employment- some even placed by businesses which to preclude paying medical insurance and other benefits.

For many, permanent employment is a privilege they no longer enjoy or can obtain. As this “Great Recession” grinds on and unemployment hovers near ten per-cent, people are lucky to have even a part time job. Folks often cobble together several such opportunities to make something resembling a living. Be aware of part time jobs which can be done without leaving the house and check them out in the on-line classifieds. People are also being driven to creative accounting. The crafty calculate exactly how many hours they can work and still maintain unemployment benefits. Fortunately for them and others in more dire circumstances it appears that Congress will extend these benefits for 2011. Some workers have resorted to off-the-books income and, illegally, receive unemployment insurance, too. While this is wrong, in these grim times, who can fault them?

What are some part time jobs ? Well, certainly any full time occupation performed in fewer hours (and usually at a lower hourly rate) is part time employment. So just think of what individuals do full time and trim the hours. Want to learn what folks do part time that doesn’t immediately come to mind? You can earn $10 per hour shoveling elephant “pooh” at the zoo! Earn about the same for writing an article like this! You can be your school’s or professional team’s costumed mascot performing antics in front of a crowd ( show biz-never know where it can lead!) Then, there is dial- tone checking at home for about $8.00 an hour, bottle-cap random checking, paper clip straightening and hair-ball rolling! You get the idea- do your homework and use your imagination. Scour free classifieds and check supermarket billboards for the usual and not so usual part time jobs. Good luck.

The author, Kristi Sykes, wrote this as a part time job; semi-retired from a career in the financial field she has found numerous part time job opportunities in classified ads . They include career- coaching and business teaching.


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