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Create Positive and Productive Work Environment

Ken Sundheim

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All business owners have what seems to be a grandiose vision of an office full of having happy, loyal and productive employees. They think of it as Santa's Workshop - magical and could only be done in the movies.

Chasing this dream, these small and mid-size executives waste tons of money on consultants who have no real track record because they are desperate for more production from each worker.

Though, nothing changes because they don't change when an attempt to implement a real process is put in place. It takes a few days to get the change in the groove and the business owner feels that the work is not worth it and, again Santa's atmosphere cannot be obtainable.

That type of work environment is reserved for a Google like company. This is wrong. Google is now a publicly traded company. I've been to their offices. Yes, there are the massages, etc. , but there are the cubicles.

Though, in Google's defense, they do have the (what I call) big, blue balls for the employee's to sit on when they wish.

Another hindrance to implementing a productive happy environment is that these owners focus on shrinking margins and increasing the number on the back of their BMW.

They don't focus on being selfless and give into the fact that more revenue is the result of better client service.

Not that I am a Jack Welch, but I know that if I was taken to the hospital, all five people here would be bedside within an hour. I would do the same for them. Santa's workshop is obtainable.

I have seen that better client service can only be attained through happy employees who are being consistently trained. These business owners, forgetting that their employees have more than one talent and like to do different things, don't think to ask the employees what they like to do.

Entrepreneurs should be able to make money off of anything. This is indirectly speaking. I don't suggest that the business owner begin opening up corporations because a recent college grad likes to play with numbers. I do suggest that the business owner find a way to allow this person to do what they like for an hour or two a day and use this skill, somehow to their advantage.

For a reason I don't understand (possibly ego or fear of losing control), many business owners are hesitant to make the necessary changes in order to implement the atmosphere that will make the employees happy enough to begin staying to 6 if necessary.

The corporate world has made these small business owners see no reason to break the “status quo" that our corporations have set forth. Here's where the conflict arises. The business owner has to stop treating his or her business like it is a factory.

They have to realize that they are not publicly traded and don't have investors breathing down their neck if this implementation puts revenue back 5% for the quarter.

Another thing that prevents the business atmosphere from being that of which is productive is that the business owner thinks that he can do everything himself and that he only can deal with the clients. The company revolves around his or her presence.

Good businesses have to run like machines, but the engine has to have all of its parts in tact. Therefore, if one part were to break, the car wouldn't stop. When the business owner has this type of set-up, the employees feel unchallenged, the business owner is consistently stressed and this tension further prevents the potential implementation that can change their business.

Ken Sundheim runs KAS Placement Executive Headhunters and Staffing a sales and marketing retained search firm and marketing consultancy company with recruiters covering all major metropolitan areas includingMarketing and Sales Headhunters Washington DC as well as NYC, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Atlanta Headhunters Houston Sales Recruiters Dallas Recruitment


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