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David Breth

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"Most people do not buy reality, they buy perception". When I heard this statement used, my first thought was ‘hummm this seems dishonest. '

The more I pondered and studied this statement, the more I began to see that this was not a justification to be dishonest, but it was just being honest about most people. “Most people do not buy reality, they buy perception". I recall a story I read years ago about several bakeries located on the same street each located only a few shops down from one another.

One of these bakeries placed their sign out front of their store and it read “The best bakery in the universe". Another had a sign reading “The best bakery in the world", yet another displayed a colorful sign with bold letters “The best bakery in the state".

The one that is always packed with paying, repeat customers is the bakery that has the sign that simply says “The best bakery on this street". You see whether they were actually the best bakery on that street or not, the perception is that they are from what their sign says.

An example that is closer to home, I am one of only a few magicians in my area that offers all my customers a “100% GUARANTEE. If you don't like, you don't pay".

I have my share of ‘well meaning’ magicians telling me . . . "oh, you should not offer a 100% guarantee. There are always gold diggers out there looking for a bargain". . . That statement is true, yet for me I have never had any one take me up on my offer.

Then these same ‘well meaning’ magicians ask me . . . "what if they do decide to take you up on your offer then what?" . . . "If they do, I will tear their check up". . . . Real to life: I live about 30 miles outside of Baltimore, MD just this year 2005 I am on the phone with a potential client, we are chatting about their son's fourth birthday party. When I told them about my 100% GUARANTEE Mr. and Mrs. X said “really, wow". They secured my services right then and there. Now you may be saying OK neat, but what is the big deal? Oh, yeah I have not mentioned to you the fact that they live just outside of Boston, MA.

This means they have to fly me in, put me in a hotel, and take care of my meals and ground transportation. Mr. and Mrs. X are not just a couple that have flown off their rocker, they are real to life folks like you converse with each and every day. They were not buying the reality that it would cost them more to have me travel there than to have a local drive ten minutes to their house, they were buying the ‘perception’ of me being the ‘best', and giving them a security blanket (100% Guarantee) in case I said I was the best and did not come through. Disclaimer: You must be able to deliver what you promise or you will be taken up on your guarantee. I strive to over deliver. Give them more than they had agreed to. . . Notice I said more - not less.

Footnote: I am not in anyway putting down the ‘well meaning’ magicians that tell me I should not offer my 100% Guarantee. 99% of them that tell me this are not full-time and perform less shows in a few months than I perform in one month. I am not boasting; please know I am humbler when I say this!

A fellow entertainer,

David Breth


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