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One thing you need to know about getting certified and receiving your electrician license is that it’s going to take a lot of hard work on your part. There is quite simply a lot to learn before you could even begin to think about taking the state testing required to receive an electrician license. Whether you take an online course, attend schools, or study by yourself at home, there’s a lot to learn in order to pass the license test.

Here’s an overview of one course that leads to successful licensing. It begins with learning strategies, what type of student you are, and how best to approach the material. It quickly moves into a simple explanation about electricity, house circuits, and electrical distribution. From there it moves on to discuss safety, national electrical codes, federal OSHA requirements, and what to do if you or someone else gets shocked on the job.

After that electrical equipment and supplies are discussed – meters, circuit analyzer tools, conductors, insulators, conduits, resistors, switches, relays, thermostats, remote controls, and fuses.

Once you’re familiar with the tools, basic installation techniques are explored. An interest in math will be very helpful. The math required for high level electrical work can be complex but once you know the formula to solve your problem, it makes things that much easier. And don’t forget the metric system either. Lots of equipment is manufactured in countries where the metric system rules so you have to have a working understanding of the differences.

By the time you completely understand resistance theories, parallel circuits and Ohm’s law you’ll have mastered the basic thinking skills involved with getting your electrician license. From this point forward you’ll have learned enough to take the license test. Courses of study after this can be thought of as graduate courses in that they focus in on specific areas that may not interest you. Right at this point you’ll have the basic knowledge to take the test and if you’ve learned your stuff and studied hard you should have no problem passing the test and receiving your electrician license.

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What to Expect From Your Electrician
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