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Congratulations! The hard work you have put into your job search has paid off. You now have a job offer on the table and are excited about the opportunities that this position presents. There is just one thing that is troubling you: the offered salary.

It is not unusual for the final part of the job search process to involve salary negotiation, but this conversation can cause even the most seasoned professionals to break into a sweat. A basic understanding of the negotiation process and methods to make salary negotiations go smoothly, though, will serve to both alleviate your anxiety and improve your negotiating effectiveness.

The key is to evaluate your qualifications and determine what your skills are worth in the current employment market. Ideally, you should begin research salary ranges before you even begin the job search process. To determine your approximate market worth, you can contact any one of the following sources:

-Professional associations or journals in your field

-Your state labor office

-U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

-Career Centers

You may also conduct a search of salary ranges on the internet to determine what companies are paying professionals with your background. Keep in mind that salaries range depending on a number of factors including years of professional experience, education, industry, geographic location, number of employees, and benefits. In order to get your estimated worth as accurate as possible, you will need to consider these factors.

Once you have done your research, you can now enter the salary negotiation process with a firm understanding of the value of your skills in the marketplace

It’s important to approach the negotiation in a professional manner and for both you and the employer to maintain the mutual respect and trust that you have enjoyed throughout the hiring process. After all, if the negotiation works out, you will be working for the company, so don’t burn any bridges before you start orientation.

A couple of key tips:

-Do not personalize conflict. It is important to remember that you and the employer have different interests and that negotiation is a give-and-take process.

-Always be tactful and diplomatic.

-Persuade rather than coerce.

-Establish a common ground for agreement.

-Remain objective and focused on your priorities.

-Clearly describe the benefits of your proposal.

-Be persistent, but know when to let go and when to walk away.

Finally, be flexible in your negotiations. If you sense that an employer is making you the best possible offer based on available financial resources, considering negotiating for a better benefits package as an alternative.

In conclusion, by taking a close look at your unique skills and understanding their value in the current market, you are better prepared to approaching salary negotiation as a mutually beneficial discussion between you and the employer. Such an attitude will not only allow you to maintain your professionalism, but will greatly increase the likelihood that your negotiations will be a success.

Laura Adams is a qualified careers advisor with 11 years experience. Nurses Jobs Information - Resources, News, Tips and Views to help Nurses find their dream jobs.

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