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Video Game Tester Education Requirements


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Some people dream of nothing more than being able to become a video game tester. Education can be an extremely important part of becoming one. Video game testers are in high demand due to the fact that it is getting more and more expensive to make video games. Because of this, video game companies want to make sure that the products they put on the market work flawlessly and are enjoyable to play. This is why they hire people to make sure that they are!


Many want to become a tester and wonder if they need to have a specific education in order to make their dream happen. It honestly depends on exactly what you want to do in the video game world. If you are looking to design games, you will want to study computer programming. If you want to be able to draw and create the characters and background, you should go into graphic design.

Some believe that, by becoming a video game tester, they will be able to work their way further up the ladder in the video game industry. It depends on exactly what you're wishing to do. If you believe that you are going to become a programmer after testing video games for a year and with no training or experience, you are unfortunately wrong. Programming takes a long time to learn, and it's very rare that someone who has no training in it can work as a game programmer. If, however, you wish to become a games tester supervisor simply from being a video game tester, that goal is possible.


One of the best things you can do if you want to be a video game tester is to take courses in writing. Most video game testers have to report their findings in writing to the programmers. If the programmers are unable to understand, what you are trying to write, you probably will not go far. They want testers that they can understand, not testers that have a hard time explaining their findings. This is why taking writing courses is extremely important.

If you take writing courses you can also pursue another avenue of video game production: writing the storyline. The video game companies need people who are able to write the storyline and the dialogue. They appreciate people who have imaginations and are able to explain difficult concepts.

If you're looking to become a tester, you may want to think about taking some courses, simply to be able to get ahead in the gaming industry. If, however, you're more than happy playing video games all day, you probably do not need to worry about getting any more training than you already have. Remember, to be a video game tester education is not necessary, but it can always help you if you want to get ahead in the industry!

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