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7 Steps to Negotiate a Killer Salary Package


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There are 7 key steps which can be used to help you in negotiating an appropriate starting salary at a new job.

If you keep these tips in mind while discussing salary with your new employer, it will help you to attain fair payment for your work. These suggestions will not secure you an exuberant amount of money, but will simply help you to convince your boss to pay you a fair salary that you deserve.

Step 1:
Put off talking about the salary for as long as possible. If you give a definite figure too early in the process, you will be disqualified before the potential employer has a chance to see your abilities and potential for the company. If you are asked for your salary requirements, be vague. Say that you are flexible or that you expect to earn the fair market value for the position. Don't ever say that you won't work for less than a specific amount.

Step 2:
Don't ever lie about your current earnings. Employers are rigorous in their examinations of candidates for positions. They will often check your W-2 forms, and if you lie about your earnings, you will be seen as less than straightforward. You will be far less desirable if employers see dishonesty.

Step 3:
Don't ever accept an offer on the spot. As good as the amount may sound, always give yourself time to think about any salary negotiations that take place. Be sure to find out when your position will be reviewed for salary advancements. Learn your benefits, compensations, and non-monetary aspects of the position.

Step 4:
You can ask for more. Expect that you will be offered first the bottom end of what the company is willing to pay you. This gives you room to negotiate 10%-20% higher than the first number mentioned. A good manager or employer will lowball you in order to leave room to negotiate. Don't be offended, but use this starting amount as a point to begin working toward an acceptable salary for both parties.

Step 5:
Know the limit. Don't push beyond a reasonable amount. Early in negotiations, the employer will respond to your demands with some concessions, but not all. Ultimately, he/she will stop responding to your requests. Once this happens, it is time to stop your salary negotiations. If you push any further, you will lose the position.

Step 6:
Research your position. Do your research and determine what the going rate is for someone in the position for which you are applying. Look into the average salary for someone of your qualifications and job position. Take this number and allow for some variation higher and lower. Once you are quoted a number from the employer, use the average salary to help determine negotiations.

Step 7:
Take into account your qualifications, and don't sell yourself short. Recognize the personal skills that distinguish you from the rest of the competition. Use your qualifications to negotiate above the starting point which is given. Make your employer realize how much they need you.

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Salary Negotiation Asking For a Raise? Timing is the Clue For Salary Negotiation
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