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Animal Careers - Everything From Dog Walking Jobs to Zookeeper Jobs


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Maybe you dream of working with wild horses. Or maybe you see yourself as the next Cesar Millan. Maybe you even have an idea that's the next best thing since the doggy waste disposal bag. Whatever the case may be, there's one common thread - working with animals.

For people who love animals, often a career in an animal-related field is a smart choice regarding employment. After all, what better way to spend your day than working with or helping the very creatures you love?

When it comes to a career working with animals, there are many avenues to consider. In the medical realm, veterinarians and veterinary technicians are the most obvious choices. Beyond that, you might consider practicing alternative veterinary medicine, veterinary research or wildlife rehabilitation as ways to work with animals while staying grounded in the medical arena.

On the science front, both biologists and ecologists often work with animals (and vegetables, and even minerals), as well as marine mammals and people, all in order to study how animals and the environment work together (or not, as the case may be). Most biologists and ecologists work in public or private sectors, and some even teach at the elementary or college level.

Others careers closely related to veterinary and biology in the vein of working with animals include animal behaviorists, zookeepers, marine biologists, fisheries biologists, ornithologist (birds) and pet physician therapists, all of which require some degree of science background and animal comprehension.

Some people may choose to work with animals on a more commercial level, which is not to say these careers don't still require a vast knowledge of animals and particular breeds/traits. Among these careers are animal trainers, pet sitters, dog walkers/runners, pet day care providers, groomers, boarders/kennel operators, animal handlers, breeders and show judges. In addition, careers such as city/county animal control and animal police officers require both animal and civil service skills.

Those interested in being creative while still working with animals can pursue any of the above careers (with a creative twist), as well as careers such as pet photography and pet product creator/maker. Some may even wish to head to Hollywood to take part in the growing movement of reality-based animal shows on television.

Lastly, whether volunteer, part time or full time, a career in rescue organization work/non profit work with animal associations is sure to be gratifying.

Most careers working with animals require some sort of specialized schooling, In the case of veterinary medicine, veterinary school is required. This in turn requires a bachelor's degree from a four-year college, as well as the passing of a specialize test such as the Veterinary College Admission Test, Medical College Admission Test or Graduate Record Examination. Veterinary school is very competitive, because there are only 28 veterinary schools in the U. S. and there are many more applicants than open slots for students each year. In addition, the average student should be prepared to spend 4,000 hours in the classroom, lab and studying over the course of one year of school.

The expected pay scale for those who wish to work with animals can range and varies greatly depending on schooling (or specialized schooling, as the case may be) required. Experience also comes in to play. For examples, a show judge with years of experience will earn more than a novice. Among the many careers working with animals, the higher paying choices include veterinarians, alternative medicine veterinarians, research veterinarians, show judges and breeders (with extensive experience). Biologists, ecologists, animal behaviorists and zookeepers have the potential to make a good living, depending on their employers (private generally pays more than civil service).

For those pursue careers in city/county animal control, animal police, veterinary technicians, animal-related education, wildlife rehabilitation, pet physical therapy, animal training and handling, more than likely the rewards will outweigh any pay scale deficiencies.

The remaining careers working with animals, including pet sitter, dog walker/runner, pet day care provider, pet products maker, boarder/kennel operator, pet photographer and rescue organization worker/nonprofit worker have the potential to earn, along with the flexibility of schedule. The more time invested in these careers, often the more money can be made.

Whether you choose to invest a lot of time (and money) into a career working with animals, or whether you choose to dabble in your spare time, there are many employment options that offer unique opportunities to work with and help animals. Some careers are more lucrative than others, and some offer more hands-on experiences than others. What they all have in common, however, is that the people who do them want to work closely with animals.

Working with animals is a rewarding experience for many people. Animal jobs are readily available for anyone who's serious about pursuing this as a career and many college programs are offered that will give you the education required. Lisa Jenkins, a freelance writer for, has researched this field and offers insightful information pertaining to veterinarian jobs, zookeeper jobs , biologists jobs and even pet sitting jobs.


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