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Change Your Job in 24 Hours

Peter Fisher

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Can you really change your job in 24 hours? Seems unlikely when you consider all the things you have to do to change your job. For instance you need to identify a new job, write your Resume and covering letters, then attend an interview and so forth.

To accomplish all that in just 24 hours would seem like a long stretch for anybody's imagination. Yet if you are feeling bored, frustrated and maybe underpaid in your present job, it would be worth a shot, wouldn't it?

However, I believe that it is possible to change your job in 24 hours. Think of all the things you have to do when you change jobs. Probably travel to a new part of town or unfamiliar location; adopt a new routine for getting to work and work with new people when you get there.

Although your actual job is perhaps similar to the one you left, maybe with a little more money, all the other components will have changed. New journey, new routines, new people.

So if it is too much to leave one job and change to a new job in 24 hours, why not change the job you already have?

If you are feeling bored, frustrated and maybe underpaid in your present job, it would be worth a shot, wouldn't it? After all, you're more likely to move to a similar job than a totally different job, so that being the case, if you change the parts you can change, it will feel like a new job and you CAN accomplish that in 24 hours.

Start by taking a completely different route to work and travel at a different time if possible. Note the new sights and activities as you travel. When you arrive, rearrange your immediate surroundings as much as you can so things look different. The biggest impact you can make concerns the people you work with - you probably won't be able to change them, but you can include some new people.

Go and introduce yourself to staff in other departments; tell them you're looking to improve how you do your job and ask how you can help them. Agree to get involved in some new activities that stretch you and benefit the organization.

This can be the way to change your job in 24 hours; not only that, your new approach will be more fulfilling, will get you noticed and may even lead to more money.

Peter Fisher is Coach and Webmaster for where you can download your free Special Career Change Report and 63 page PDF e-book “Big Book of Job Hunting Tips".


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