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People of lower positions need to keep a grateful heart at all times, while people of higher positions must always give their care and loving hearts to those in lower positions. Only then the higher and the lower can link together into one breath and there would be no friction among them. Only then the world can become perfect. Only then the distance between people can be lessened gradually, and people can merge or unite themselves into a joyous harmony.

In life, we each play many different roles at home. At the workplace, never allow our personal emotions to carelessly come in which is inappropriate for all the reasons you may imagine. No matter how many big corporations called themselves as “big families" it is truly difficult to tolerate workers who bring their personal frustrations or opinions into the workplace. Learn to leave your troubles at the door and don't bring them in.

People who bring emotional baggage into the workplace can be temperamental, grasping and neglectful. Even more frustrating is that they can act out of all their pent-up, misplaced emotions on the job without consideration for others. Employees and co-workers react to this, work efforts and results go by the wayside, and profit and productivity go down. Take a break if you must and know that you are at the workplace to provide results. Heal yourself first, determine your values, then you will be a better employee, manager or business owner.

Nowadays it is very difficult to find good workers. Surprisingly, a female Muslim employer in Malaysia prefers to employ Chinese devotees of Tao of Heaven because she said, “Employees that come from the Tao of Heaven Temple are very disciplined and reliable. "

Let me quote a teaching from my Heavenly teacher JiGong so as to be a better person where we can apply at the workplace:

"Instead of demanding others, demand oneself in every aspect. It doesn't matter if we make mistakes, but the important thing is we can correct them. In correcting mistake, we can realize why and what we need to correct. To realize something in depth, one must demand oneself. To blame oneself with the same heart we blame others and to forgive others with the same heart we forgive oneself. It is always easy to know others, but it is hard to know oneself. It is easy to forgive the wrongs of oneself but it is hard to spare the faults of others. People can see things that are a hundred steps away, but it is hard to see the back of one's body. The eyes can observe things as tiny as the autumn-hair, but it is hard to count one's eyelashes. "

When someone points one finger at others for faults done, little did one know, three fingers are pointing back at oneself. Man must be man enough at whatever role to uphold his responsibilities at the workplace and do not blame others for his own faults. Only then, harmony will prevail and the Golden Rule is: “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. "

Author: T. A Chew

T. A Chew, an accountant by profession, had been working for people and doing his own business for more than 25 years. In the course of his working life, he met many types of people, be they junior or senior. Honesty is still the best policy and words of mouth stand better than hundreds of pages of agreement.


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Healing Your Workplace
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