Temporary Employment: How I Turned It Into A Fulltime Job

Carl Mueller

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Temporary employment can be a good way to get your foot in the door of a company you’d like to work for fulltime.

I’m not necessarily referring to temp work, where you work through a temp agency and they help you find short term work assignments with different companies doing accounting and office work and things of that nature.

I’m referring to where you are brought into a company for a short period of time, perhaps for several weeks or longer, to complete a specific task or project or perhaps to fill in for an absent staff member or during a busy period.

When I left university my first job was with a large telecommunications firm and I was hired on a temporary basis to work in a new group in the marketing area. They required a recent university graduate like myself to do some work for them and I was brought on board for a few weeks to do the work.

After I’d been working there for several weeks, they asked me if I wanted to stay on longer, which I did.

Several months later, I was hired fulltime.

Three years later, I was still there working fulltime.

The point is this: imagine if I’d turned the initial “temporary” job opportunity down, thinking that it was beneath me (as some people do) or that this wasn’t what I really wanted?

I could have thought to myself that taking a temporary position like this was not going to led to anything else and that I’d be better off continuing to look for a new job.

What a mistake that would have been.

I’d have missed out on a great opportunity that turned into a fulltime job. The three years I spent with this company were a great experience and I was better for it.

What did I do while I was working there initially that helped me get the fulltime job?

I quickly completed the work I was brought on to do.

I found more work to do and kept myself busy.

I let my boss know I was interested and motivated to remain with the company.

I let others in the company know what work I was doing to build up credibility.

When you are presented with an opportunity that might not be exactly what you are looking for, consider the possible upside that could materialize in the future. Before you turn it down, carefully think about what it could lead to especially if you don’t have any other imminent opportunities to consider.

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