Where the Jobs Are - Q3, 2005

Timothy Trimble

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Once again, I'm taking a look at the current status of the programming job market. I guess my biggest interest is in seeing which programming languages are the most popular. Originally, I did an article about this 3 months ago (Decisions! Decisions!) as an exercise to see if where I was headed as a programmer was in tune with where the market is headed. When I go back a look at that article, I'm surprised at where I was heading. At that time I felt that C# was the best direction for me to look into. Well, now we're three months later into 2005 and I'm in a totally different direction. I guess it all depends on what the client wants and how good the project pay is. ;) While C# still looks like a very good market to be in, I'm currently involved with Java and FileMaker. Well, it's what the client wants!

Anyway, here's the chart for this quarter. Below the chart I'll discuss the interesting changes that have occurred just during the past three months.

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Here's what I find interesting about this chart compared to three months ago:

* VB continues to hold a steady market share. This includes . Net and pre-. Net. There was only a .2% drop in job market share this quarter, which is hardly worth mentioning. VB programmers are still in high demand, especially when they have SQL experience.

* Contrary to what anyone says, C++ is still going strong and has gained job market share. This quarter has seen a 1.79% increase in the market. My guess is that this is due to the increase of the Linux market since C++ is the number one development environment for that platform.

* The biggest winners in job market share gains is Java with 2.33% increase, MS SQL with a 2.57% increase, and the number one winner is Oracle with a 2.88% job market share. Oracle continues to be the leader in job positions with a 27.74% of the market.

* The biggest loser for this quarter is Pearl, which lost a whopping 6.92% of the job market. I don't know what accounts for this decrease but it appears to be across all three of the major job posting sites.

* A surprise loser for this quarter is C#, which lost 2.54% of the market to end up with only 2.95% of the job market. Again, my only reasoning on why this is taking place is due to the impact that Linux is having.

Overall, this is a very interesting set of statistics. In no way is this scientific, and it only represents the local job market in Los Angeles. However, it shows that there is a trend in gains for programmers with Linux skills. And once again, if you have experience with SQL, especially Oracle, you're not going to have any problems at all with getting work.

Personally, I feel comfortable being focused on doing Java development. As far as FileMaker goes, well, it would be interesting if I did a comparison between the MS Access and FileMaker markets. I guess that's a personal nitch of mine that I intend to stick with. Not because of the job market numbers, but because I enjoy the FileMaker and Mac environments. Proof again, that just following where the jobs are is not always the most satisfying approach.

Be sure to check back in another three months, when I examine the job market once again.

Timothy Trimble, The ART of Software Development

Timothy Trimble is a award winning, freelance writer, and software developer. He has written a book for Microsoft Press, articles for significant computer industry trade magazines, and is currently working on his second computer technology book to be published in early 2006. He is the Blog publisher of The ART of Software Development which can be found via his web site at http://www.timothytrimble.info Proud member of http://www.WordBrains.com


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