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Jobs For Convicted Felons Everyone is Accepted!


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How many times have you applied to a job, and been rejected because of your criminal record? Jobs for convicted felons are scarce.

Just because someone made a mistake in their life doesn't mean they cant be a good worker. They pay for it later in life when they are unable to find a job. Does this sound familiar? There are places that will pay you money to work for them, regardless of your criminal history. They dont care whether you are the president or the guy with the world record for felonies (If this is you, please contact me!).

What is this all about?

What are these “places" I speak of? They are called “GPT" sites. It's a great way to earn money online. Let me take a moment to explain how GPT sites work, how they can make YOU money, and why this is one of the best jobs for convicted felons.

GPT Sites will pay you to complete offers and promotions, to complete surveys, and more! Advertisers need people to try their products, and they need information about consumers. This is worth a lot of money to them, and they are willing to pay for it. For example:

Jimmy has developed a new weight loss pill that he wants people to buy!
Jimmy tells GPT Site “A" that for every potential customer they bring to him, he will pay GPT Site “A" 10 dollars.

Then, you sign up under GPT Site “A". They tell you to try Jimmy's product. You try it, they earn their 10 dollars, and pass a percentage onto you. This is the basis for all GPT sites, and is also why they are so successful.

What do I have to do?

To earn money on GPT sites, you complete what they call “offers". An offer can range from completing a survey to entering your email address to trying out a free product. Each one, when completed, pays out a certain amount of money. Offers payout up to $20, and generally take anywhere from 1-10 minutes to complete. Certain offers, like ones that have you sign up for a free trial, require a credit card and usually payout more money, but if you dont want to use a credit card, you dont have to! There are plenty of free offers to go around. Its completely free to sign up and start making money.

Jobs for convicted felons are usually hard to get, but luckily GPT services accept everyone. You can get started with this today, and earn about $10 /hr once you get the hang of it.

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