A Staffing Equation: Optimizing the Supply Chain


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It is at the Hiring Manager’s end that the need to fill in a position is felt most. Eighty-five percent of time, due to lack of foresight, and an absence of a well-engineered process, the Hiring Manager ends up spending more time in screening. Various members of the Hiring Chain scramble and spend lot of time engaging in fire fighting, Hiring costs soar, vacancy costs hit the bottom line negatively, and so on and so forth. This calls for rethinking: Are we doing it right? Is there a way that the Hiring Manager’s critical time be more beneficially utilized? Can we improve the Hiring Value chain and cut down on the total effective time line of hiring?

The entire staffing process starting from the Requisition Management to the actual hire includes a great deal of role overlap. These not only delay the execution, but also increase the overall cost per hire. Not to forget, every vacancy remaining unfulfilled, or not fulfilled in time, has its own cost attributed to it. Next there always seems to be a rat race for fulfilling just-in-time jobs, and disaster recovery, leading to confusion and costly mistakes by the internal staffing members. The Hiring Manager’s role within the organization, apart from the hiring process, is truly much wider. To begin with, his involvement within the hiring process is merely a fraction of the total time value he spends, vis-à-vis his role within the overall scope of responsibilities. Hence there is the need to re-engineer the Staffing Supply Chain towards optimization.

Strategic Partnerships have been tried, tested and proven methods of success since time in memorial. It is built on the truth, that no one unit has an all round expertise. Hence a strong equation and collaboration is the key to strength, efficiency and growth. This is specially so in a hiring process. In order to streamline operations and reduce internal costs of vacancy & hiring, identifying and collaborating with an expert / specialized agency to share the responsibility of not only sourcing and identifying prospective candidates, but also participate in evaluating and screening competencies. This adds tremendous value in the process of shortening the time to hire. This is a critical path to the optimization process of the Staffing Supply Chain.

You cannot expect the internal staffing team to have the bandwidth and the expertise of the Hiring Manager. However any help in reducing his repetitive involvement, and having him handle only such candidates, who have been previously tested by a panel of experts as himself, would take a lot of burden off his shoulders, apart from increasing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the Process. This is what the External Specialized Agency substantiates. Choice of the right Specialized Staffing Agency is extremely crucial. The equation between the Agency and the Hiring Firm, as also their collaborative approach are the crux of the Optimization process.

Dipak Chatterjee, apart from being a thought leader, writer, deemed journalist and reporter, is the Director of Strategic Business Development of Technovision Inc. This is a firm that offers Strategic Human Capital Solutions to Fortune 1000 Clients. Technovision is known amongst its clients as a provider of pioneering Staffing Services, Strategies, Best Practices, Intelligence and Effectiveness. Url: http://www.etechnovision.com


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