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Careers in Art


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Until ten to twenty years ago one did not plan on being an artist or a film-maker. One simply stumbled in these careers while in the midst of a more serious career, like law, medicine, engineering, etc. However, today youth are encouraged to follow their heart and opt for creative careers in art.

A career in the field of art is not longer considered as an offbeat option. In fact, with the increasing demand for professionals in the visual arts, there is also ever-increasing salaries. This is encouraging new for parents, who are ever worried about their son or daughter's future.

Whether parents of yesterday or today, their main concern is a steady career with growth and stability. And till the last five to six years any option in the field of art did not actually offer job security and financial growth. The art industry thrived on the luck factor, with the talent factor being a matter of incidence.

The fact is that there is a skyrocketing investment in cinema houses and art galleries. There are large companies stepping foot into the glamour industry putting in a lot of money. Today, the two leading film industries of the world - Hollywood and Bollywood (Indian film industry) - are making movies on a yearly basis amounting to millions and millions of dollars. And this is ever-increasing and the good news is the ever-increasing opportunities for those interested in a career in the visual arts.

Beyond this there are innumerable prospects in the field of writing. This includes journalism, authoring books, editing, writing scripts and screenplays, copywriting, etc. One can look into a full time job, or also make a lucrative career out of freelancing. There are opportunities out there, one has to simply go and grab them.

Basically, to excel in the field of art - fashion designing, graphics and animation, writing, painting, interior designing, etc. , one has to follow their heart. Yes, in the initial years after graduation there is a struggle period, but once one settles into their career then sky is the limit.

Indian soil has given birth to great artists who are the gifts to India and Indian culture. Because of these artist the field of art has seen new horizons in the country.


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