Why Most Railroad Job Applicants Don't Get Hired


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Why is it that so many people go to railroad job interviews and don’t get hired? It’s easy to get carried away and just go to an interview thinking your going to ace it. However the cold hard reality is it takes proper preparation and the right answers to the interviewer’s questions.

Sometimes you will be interviewed by a female and sometimes a male. It makes a big difference to your answers as to who is asking them. Many times you will be interviewed by both.

Just because you’re interviewing for a blue collar job does not mean you want to show up with a baseball cap on and a five o’clock shadow on your face. You still need to dress respectful and clean cut.

Another mistake I see potential candidates make is not being prepared. If the railroad sends you a letter or email and asks you to bring certain items to the interview with you then make sure you bring exactly what they ask for.

I remember in my interview process two guys showed up without a copy of their application. The email they received from the railroad company said to bring a copy of your application. They did not. They were simply told to leave. No application… No job interview…

If you can’t follow simple instructions then they are not going to waste their time interviewing you. The next thing is your application. Your application needs to be completely filled out in detail.

The railroad does not want to have to ask you questions to finish filling it out. If they ask for exact dates then get on the phone and start making phone calls to previous employers, references, etc…

Do what you need to do in order to get all the correct information they are seeking. OK, so now you’re dressed appropriately, your application is filled out completely and properly, and you have brought everything to the interview process the railroad company asked you for… Now what?

The interview! Do you know what kinds of questions the railroad will be asking you? How about these three to name a few:

  • Why should XYZ Railroad hire you?
  • Why do you want to work for XYZ Railroad?
  • Have you worked shift work before?

    Being prepared is the key to getting hired. The better prepared you are then the better your chances of getting hired.

    Sean Martin is the author of “How to Get a Railroad Job and Make up to $75,000 per Year!" http://www.getarailroadjob.com

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