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Carl Mueller

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The best career advice I can offer is to always think about the long-term. When planning your career, it’s usually best to think about the long-term outcome rather than focusing on a short-term gain.

Also, when it comes to career advice, always consider the source. There is far too much career information available that comes from people who don’t know what they are talking about. Look out for people who are advising you about the “hottest jobs of the year” and other here-today-gone-tomorrow advice that focuses on the short-term and simply reflects their opinion, not fact.

Here are ten rules to live by when planning your career:

    1. I will constantly update my resume so that I am always ready to apply for a job when it arises.

    2. I won’t change jobs simply for more money. If I wanted more money I’d ask for a raise.

    3. I will take the advice of others with a grain of salt and always remember that it’s my career not theirs.

    4. I will always try to keep learning and will constantly look for opportunities to improve my skills.

    5. I will always remember the importance of a good work life balance.

    6. I will take control of my career and any job search I undertake and will not rely on other people to do it for me.

    7. I will not allow other people to waste my time sitting at my desk talking to me when they have nothing better to do or by making me attend meaningless meetings.

    8. I will learn how to say “no” when people try to get me to do their work for them.

    9. I will always properly prepare for interviews well in advance and will not just show up and “wing it. ”

    10. I understand that while jobs are usually won and lost during the interview stage, the reference checking stage is not a moot point and that there is such thing as a bad reference. I will always properly manage my references and will ensure they know what jobs I’m applying for before using them as references.

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