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In general, you are looking for a job. You go to school, work hard, and get professional qualifications. All these efforts are spent to make you ‘Employable’ only. You look for a company with good brand, salary, parks etc. Normally you start with good salary and good hikes in initial years. You work hard; attain more qualification to make yourself more ‘Employable’.

This is life. You assume yourself as successful if you get a job in a blue chip company BM, Microsoft or Google in a senior position. You will probably take loan to buy luxury apartment in the posh locality. You would drive latest model car. You will always consider yourself that you are doing well and you are leading your dream life.

Wait! Let’s check other side of the coin. Are you financially free? Have you checked your own debt/saving ratio? Probably you have more debt than your total worth. What will happen, if company transfers you to a department where you can not meet the high expectation of your boss or you simple could not perform because you do not like your assignment or your health does not allow you take the job pressure?

This is the most stumbling blocks in our daily life. Unless you invest your after tax salaried income to other asset which generates more income than your salaried income, you are not winner.

The employer who gives pseudo job satisfaction and you enjoy all luxuries of life by taking loan is BAD EMPLOYER. Bad employer exploits your feature of ‘employability’. You always work in a narrow domain with a stringent delivery norm. It is seldom you get the opportunity to expand yourself in other area. If you want to enter other area it will be considered as corporate politics. All these conflicts will impact your stress level and increase irritation.

GOOD EMPLOYER is a small or large company where structure of the company allows expanding yourself in different area. Initially you will think company is sucking you but in the long term your own intrinsic value will increase. Your self confidence will bring you closer to be an entrepreneur.

You need to choose a company based on your own aim in life. If you have average aim in life and you prefer to work all the life till you reach sixty, you can select bad employer. Most probably, you will not be able fulfill most of your dream in your life.

Otherwise, select a company who will force you to learn business. This knowledge will help you to do something on your own. It is like a race of rabbit and tortoise. With so called bad employer your financial side will grow with tortoise speed but definitely you will reach your target because of your self confidence, mind set and positive vocabulary. All these qualities you need to learn from life by facing challenges.

You will understand the real power of Debt by working with a good employer. Normally Growth is the motto of these companies. Fund raising is important for them; you will learn how you can achieve fortune by using debt properly. You can not be financially successful by using your own equity i. e. saving of after tax salaried income. You need to learn the power of Debt.

You always need to select an employer who will teach you new things by setting up stiff challenges and goal in front of you instead of you keeping you in a comfort zone.

Author is working with a large company as Prohram director. He manage website http://www.nectarofwisdom. The purpose of his website isto educate people on personal financial planning.


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