Career Success - How Do You Handle Change?

Lori Smith

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Do you feel that change in the environment will change the person you are inside? Change happens, you are fired, you are laid off, you get divorced, you have to move. . . there are many things in life that change. We can't stop the changes, we need to deal with them.

There is a cycle of emotions and actions that happen in the midst of change. . . . .

1. Recognition of the change happening: you are sitting in the middle of the living room, every one has gone to work or school and you are alone. You finally realize you do not have a job!

2. Factual Disengagement: 2 weeks into the laid off, you update your resume and start sending it out to potential positions.

3. Emotional Disengagement: The confusion of the start few weeks and the realization that you need to be looking for a new job finally sets into your heart. Now that you have gotten there, it is time to really put some effort into the job hunt and start doing the interviews.

4. Identify the change that is occurring and anticipating the change: Maybe this is the time that you decide you want to change your career. You can transform your current skills or you can go take some classes to learn something new.

5. The Learning Curve: This is the time when you really feel the change, you can even feel a bit discouraged that the end will never come. With a coach you can work through this and clarify your goals, and support they can support you through the emotions.

6. Applying the learning: You have started your new job, in a new field or at a new company. You can now see that being laid off was the best thing that every happened to you. You have been able to create a whole new career.

A coaching can ease you through the different phases of change. They can support you through all the different emotions that you feel as you are moving through the change. The Coach can carry the vision for your ultimate end goal. . .

Lori Smith is a professional coach, consultant and founder of Foundation Coaching, HyperClique Career Coaching and Pure Infusion Leadership Coaching.

She shares what she learned after 8 years in the IT Service Desk support arena. Where she started as an help desk analyst and worked her way up to be a Technical Team Lead. She shares her knowledge and experience of both being in the trenches and being a tortured Mid-manager stuck in the middle of Head Office and employees. She shares her experience of breaking free of the old Corp world and following her true passion.


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Career Change - Is Your Career A Good Fit Or Is It Causing Pain?
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